Another writing opportunity also open for non bloggers

For the home based job opportunities seeker, let us talk aboutwritings.

This site, I think is new. It has a few writers in its fold which for me is advantageous or disadvantageous, depending on you see it. With only a few writers, the site can be perceived as a joke. But on the other hand, a writer can easily get noticed in the absence of competition.

The business model works basically like Shvoong and Helium. You submit articles (any topic) and the site posts it in a page with Google Adsense ads in it. They also promote the entire site and go around looking for advertisers. Should anyone buy an ad in your page, you get a percentage of the price. The site also gives you a percent of the adsense income of your page.

For me, the site also gives you exposure. If you have a blog, people will go to your blog through your article in the site. If you don't have a blog, you will still get noticed because your name is printed in your page. With so many people looking for writers, there's a good chance that you will find a writing job.

Sell Books

Another business idea is the publication of or selling of books through the internet. Again, one may ask around for personal inventories of titles that they want to sell through the internet. The site owner makes money by charging a service fee or commission. Eventually, a home owner may take it further by accepting requests from site visitors. Those requests will then be broadcasted through mailing lists and positive responses can be matched with the buyers.

Sexy Costumes

This is my first in this category. One weird but very profitable home based business idea is the rental or sale of sexy costumes. People needs it during office parties, stage plays and many other occassions. If you have access to a large inventory of sexy apparel, photos of that may be taken and displayed in a portal (website). Both online and offline ways may be used to promote the business and voila, there’s a business. Taking things to a higher level, one can actually advertise and ask people if they want to rent out their stash through the portal. The site owner may then charge a percentage of the rental fee as commission. Weird maybe but it’s of course, a matter of opinion.

Odesk now supports PayPal

This is good new for all of us, pajama-clad & home based businessmen!

Register in Paypal, by clicking the banner (below)
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Apply for home based jobs in oDesk by clicking the banner (below)

Good news for people in Canada, the Philippines and India, oDesk now supports PayPal payments. People seeking jobs will now be able to withdraw client's payments, through the most widely accepted payment processor in the Internet.

Here's a related FAQ pasted directly from oDesk.

How much does it cost?
$1 per withdrawal.
Is there a maximum withdrawal amount?
Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
How long does it take?
Transfers to PayPal accounts are instantaneous. Once the money is in your PayPal account it takes a few days to process a transfer to your local bank account or receive a check.
How does PayPal compare to Moneybookers, Payoneer, etc.?
Where it is supported, PayPal is usually an inexpensive way to transfer money to your bank account. Fees and services vary widely by country, so make sure PayPal provides you with the services you need and check PayPal withdrawal fees before you withdraw. Wire transfer is expensive for small withdrawals, but it is immediate.


For tips on how to use oDesk, please click this link.

For tips on how to register and effectively verify yoour Paypal account, click this link

BPO's losing to home based employees

Other than the regular raffles, outsourcing companies also install treadmills, dumbbells, rowing machines and complete gym equipments as a way to keep their employees from getting bored and moving to other jobs. Other than the expense incurred in the purchase and maintenance of these equipments, the cost of maintaining a gym is very high. Well, that’s an expense that we home based workers don’t incur. We are happy to be in our homes and getting paid based on our outputs.

Insuring the home workers

Home based workers are generally low risk individuals. They don’t spend so much time outside their houses, they don’t drive, spend lesser time in bars and are most often in safer environments. Therefore, affordable life insurance should not be a far fetched possibility for them. They should be assessed with low premiums by insurance companies. If not, I should put up my own firm and create special policies for them.


Click on the Image to enlarge the photo

Here’s another site where people can find various types of home based work and be assured of getting paid. is a place where people looking for others who can get things done for them. Examples of paid tasks that one can find (in the site) includes: Data entry, redrawing a company logo and saving it at a higher resolution, rewriting an old document, redoing a website, creating a logo for a new company, creating a company software, etc.

Like oDesk, this site assures the job provider (You) of payment.

Try going to the site, register and browse through the available jobs. If one gets your fancy, file a bid. If you win, you’ve just gotten yourself a paying home based work (project).

Good luck!


Working online changed the way most us deal with our daily lives. We are able to save time by shopping online but we have somehow neglected to indulge in the joy of reading books. But this morning, after stumbling into some Barnes and Noble coupons, I have decided to get back into reading. I can’t wait for its arrival but for the meantime, I’ll be out to buy my stock of chocolates and mallows. For me, it’s the perfect mate to a good book.


This is our home based work opportunity for the day.

The links will lead you directly to the hiring pages of:

  1. The transcription Agency
  2. Event Transcription Services
What transcribers need to do is listen to audio clips and put it into writing. This opportunity is separate from Medical Transcription since it does not require any knowledge of medical terminology. Of course, medical transcriptionists are very much welcome to apply.

Will be posting various other opportunities hopefully everyday.

Good Luck!

Some thoughts about home based jobs

Aside from being able to save on gas, clothing and food, home based business people (workers) also reduce the vehicular traffic in the metropolis and help stop the rapid rise of office leases. Let’s say for example that there are a hundred thousand home based employees in this country. If you will put all of them in offices, imagine the amount of real estate that will be needed. By working from our homes and being cloPublish Postse to our family aren’t we contributing more to the society?

Desperate Times for some BPO firms

Just some personal notes to spice up this page a bit. I had meetings with a executives of outsourcing companies and was not a bit surprised that they are coming out with all sorts of gimmicks like raffling off top quality Nike golf clubs just to retain their employees. And to be able to maintain their best people, they are now seriously thinking of putting them to work from their houses. When asked how my outsourcing company is, I told them that I’ve gone home based with my best people. We all benefit tremendously from reduced expenses and life has never been good. I only meet my people at least once a month for a good steak dinner. Home based work is Good!!!!!

A big time home based business

I posted this here since it’s something that involved homes. Here’s another outsourcing idea but quite costly to set up. A drug rehab facility can go a long long way in helping today’s people and yet very profitable. Just get a mansion and fit it with good individual security locks for control, hire security personnel and rehab therapists and viola, you have a top class and discrete rehab facility. Just operate it like an expensive hotel and let the rehab professionals do their work. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that but the basic premise remains. It’s good business, mind you.

Weird home based factory solution

A friend who sources kitchen faucets and other types of hardware narrated about his trip to China where he saw how some factories extensively use labor in the manufacturing process. Tons and tons of semi finished steel products for instance are buffed manually by an army of workers. I told them that one way of doing it is to probably send crates of those items to one village where everyone will do nothing but polish the metal. Trucks will come at the end of the day will come to pick the finished products and bring it back to a finished goods warehouse. That way, the factory saves a lot on electricity, warehousing and other expenses.—This article is written in jest but the business lesson in very serious. It can be done.

Scammers piggybacking on legit blogs

Checking the comments in this blog, I realized that there are some who posted links to websites offering make money online affiliate sites. Being very suspicious of the products that they are selling, I deleted their posts.

This site has a good intention very honestly I can tell you that my leads really make people money. Comments leading readers to suspicious sites are being removed for it will simply invalidate the intentions of this site.

Make legitimate money online. There are many ways of doing it. Scamming is not a good method at all.


Like a true netrepreneur, I spend plenty of time surfing the net. It is by investigating the good sites that I am able to determine which money making programs to participate in and recommend to the readers of this blog.

Just this morning, I stumbled for the nth time, a site that makes money by selling e-books containing leads for people wanting to work at home or make money online. The e-books are supposed to contain a list of companies that you can go to and apply for jobs. Well, let me start by mentioning that yes, there may indeed be some e-books that contain legitimate leads. However, a lot of the items being sold along this theme, especially those that offer a list of companies that hire work at home employees for data entry and typing jobs are actually scams. A lot would simply take your money and offer you an affiliate commission for every sale that you make of their e-book, some would give you a lousy e-book that contains no clear lead while there are those that will not send you anything at all. Of course, you can try running after them. But let me tell you that those people are professionals in this business and you will simply be spending so much time and money going after them. Besides, that is not your original plan anyway, the intention is to get yourself a well paying home based job or business.

In order for you not to waste too much time, I suggest that you just spend time browsing this site and explore the home based opportunities (employment and business) that we have posted. Those opportunities are legitimate and pays on time.


The opportunities that I am writing here mostly comes from vacancies that I personally know of, legitimate openings that I found in the internet and some Google Advertisements that I see in this page. As for the Google Ads, may I remind everybody not to click on your own blogs ads. You may view Google ads in other blogs but definitely not your own. You are also prohibited from asking people to click on your ads. Let them notice your ads by placing strategically in your blogs and hopefully, they'd find some Google Ads tempting enough to click and look at.

What I do is copy the url and paste it in another browser. By the way, be very careful. The excuse "I accidentally clicked on my own ads" have been used a million times. Google is smart enough to detect every click and its patterns that its system will automatically ban you.

Anyway, they idea of this post is to encourage you people to ask. You may want to learn about certain income possibilities but haven't asked. Please don not hesitate to ask me via email and I will research on it and post it here.


HOME BASED BUSINESS LESSON: Make lots of money by giving away items of value

Those who blog are very familiar with the success stories of johnchow, problogger, shoemoney, stevepavlina, talkingpointsmemo and others who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Just today, I read a blog post showcasing some of the highest earning bloggers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. The first three blogs mainly talks about making money online, stevepavlina is about personality development while talkingpointsmemo is a political updates and commentary blog.

Today, I will talk about making money by giving a lot of wonderful freebies.

Not so long ago, teen Ashley Qualls lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom and sister. But with her computer and savvy business sense she made a better life for all of them.

Today, this 17 year old girl makes more than a million US$ per year income from an investment of $8 (domain name registration for her website). What did she do? She noticed that youngsters like to personalize their MySpace accounts so she started creating beautiful MySpace layouts and giving it away for free (through her website called She now makes lots of money from Adsense and direct advertisers.


Google Adsense are automatic ads that appear in a space in your site. Every time somebody clicks on the ads, Google gives you money. The more people visit your website, the higher the probability for people to click on yuor ads. As for the direct advertisements, it’s simple. People/companies pay you so that you will put their ads in your site. This happens when your site generates a lot of regular visitors. Businesses will want greater exposure for their companies so they will pay just to be advertised in your website.

Now, let me tell you that the little girl didn’t know HTML and simply taught herself how to do it. HTML is not difficult at all and if you can read this article, you too can do it.

If you think that there’s no more market for that since Ashley has cornered it, I beg to disagree. To start with, MySpace account holders like to change the look of their profiles from time to time. Secondly, there are millions and millions of members so the market is so huge for one or a few people to dominate. Third, there’s Friendster, Facebook and a number of social networking sites that can serve as your market.

Lastly, the main idea is to encourage you to create something of value and give it away for free. Market your website well and at the end of the day, you will be getting much more.

He who profits most gives much!

What are you waiting for? Start making money online!


According to its blog, PayPerPlay was able to sign too many blogs that despite the millions of audio advertisements that it has in its inventory, they will be unable to distribute it to everyone all the time. They estimate that if they put a cap to their network of blogs down to 220 million (Wow!), they will be able to serve advertisements to everyone.

Therefore, to be able to optimize the earnings of its bloggers, PayPerPlay will temporarily stop accepting new blogs in its fold by February 15.

Beat the deadline by enlisting---- NOW!

1) Sign up now ---> BY CLICKING HERE

2) Embed the codes into your website. Every time somebody visits your site, an audio ad will run for a few seconds and you get paid. It's so easy.<--DON'T FORGET TO EMBED THE CODES. The company's blog announced that it will take a month before all the blogs will have running ads, so please be patient. for the meantime, start embedding the codes, write good content and drive people into your sites.

Let's all make money online!

dNeero Reseller Program

Dneero launches a Reseller Program and as a way to create a buzz, they are paying those who took the survey. I still am not sure about the full income potential of a blogger who takes dneero surveys so I am trying this out for a month.

Will keep you guys informed.



Here is a unique home based make money online idea.

There are thousands and thousands of talented artists who can write beautiful poems and write heart touching songs. The only problem is that only a handful of them actually make money since there are not enough stages for everyone, politics in the entertainment industry, etc..

However, it is actually possible to earn good money by creating personalized masterpieces for every situation and event. Companies need good slogans and songs, individuals want to share their personalized love songs with their partners, dad's would want to sing a message in his daughter's wedding, etc, etc..

The video above is an example of a man who is not as popular as Eric Clapton, Mick Jaeger or Justin Timberlake but get's paid $2,000 ~ $25,000 for every performance.

For the artists out there, I hope this piece of article will be useful.

Make money online through home based business and jobs. Look for it in this site.


Though I highly recommend that we all put up our own blogs, there are also a lot of sites that allows us to make money even if we don’t publish a single site.
For Writing, web design, animation, accounting, programming and other jobs, there’s oDesk, Programmermeetsdesigner, e-lance, etc.
But for those who want to make money from their articles, here are places where you can post your work and get the chance to make money from it.

  1. Associated Content: Only for US residents. It pays good money/page for every article submission that gets accepted.
  2. Shvoong: Allows just about anybody uploading articles in their site. Writers/contributors are given a share of the adsense income that their article makes.
  3. Printnpost: Allows just about anybody to upload articles in their site. Writers/contributors are given a share of the adsense income that their article makes.
  4. Helium: This site is still in beta and allows only people from certain countries to upload articles in their site. Writers/contributors are given a share of the Adsense income that their article makes.
  5. Should I find other sites, I will let you know. However, if you know of any other site, please share it here so the readers may benefit.

Another survey taken

Part of a new monetizing program that I am trying out. It's actually fun, you know. It takes less than a minute to finish the survey and all that's needed is for the results widegt to be embedded in this blog. After that, money is supposed to come my way everytime people reads my answers.



I have just registered at and have tried two of their very short surveys. If the results are good, I will be recommending them here.

Make Money Online!


This is the optional survey that has to be taken by everyone applying at Dneero. Fine with me. I get paid for it, anyways! :D


This is from a survey that I have just taken.

Check it out!


Here's another Home based money making opportunity for today.

As I've previously written, bloggers make lots of money by getting paid to write reviews of other sites in their blogs. As the PageRank and number of daily blog visitors increase, the price that people are willing to pay just be be written about in your blog increases. There are blogs that earn beyond $250 dollars for a short review of other people's blogs/sites.

Some people call it selling one's soul because some advertisers require a positive review of their sites. However, my solution is for the blogger to carefully study the site and accept the job only if they feel that the advertiser deserves a positive review. Otherwise, don't. There are also advertisers and blogs that forbids the "positive reviews only" requirement. In that case, the bloggers may write whatever they want and still get paid.

Aside from the sites that I've recommended in my previous posts, I have stumbled upon this site that offers to pay bloggers for reviewing their advertisers.

At this point, I still cannot recommend if they actually pay. All the other sites that I've listed previously have never failed to pay me for review assignments that I have done for them in my other blogs.

On their own, bloggers may also advertise their services in their blogs. take for example, that makes thousands of dollars per month, writing reviews of other sites in his blog. I've read some of his reviews and my God, it was not positive at all. yet, he got paid handsomely for it. By the way, he has a nice work station at home but he also blogs from his bed. Hahaha! Making money from his bed!

What are you waiting for? Go, make money online!


There are plenty of web sites being launched every day and most often, site owners do not have the time to write web content. Because of that, the demand for writers is growing very rapidly. In some parts of the world, there are so many people who have some schooling and can write simple articles (it's all that's needed). Their problem is that there are not enough jobs for everyone.

With the internet, the unemployed and underemployed can easily find those looking for writers and agree on terms of employment. Hence, people can make lots of money online (working home based). Yours truly, for instance, have been asked to write by web developers who do not have time to write web content.

Here are some sites where you can get home based (I also call it coffee shop) writing opportunities: oDesk, Sponsored Reviews, Write4Pesos (Euros), Payperpost, Military, Programmers meet Designers, etc.

For people with college degrees and can write well, they can visit web sites like academia-research, Edu Writers and other sites and get paid well ($11~$40/page) of essays, term papers, researches by graduate students and companies in need of their services.

Just browse the net and trust me, there are so many other sites where you can find simple writing jobs. The pay can start from $2 ~ $75 article. Bloggers, can make as much as $400 per 300 word post. Now, that's making real money online.

This leads me to encourage everybody to create their own blogs. Blogs serve as a good training tool for people who wants to write. It used to take mo so long to write a 300 word article. Now, I hardly need to take a break before finishing one. I also noticed that the quality of my writing has greatly improved. If you think I write lousily, you should see my articles a year ago.

Good luck. Let's all make money online!


The services that can be offered by a virtual office may be any, a combination or all the services needed by a startup business (enumerated below). Of course, there are businessmen that do everything by themselves (to save on costs) but that would not really be optimizing the use of their time. Business owners can be better off creating money and not being at the office all day (handling routine matters).

But if YOU will offer to provide office services at very reasonable rates, businesses would, go all out for it.

A start up businessman normally needs a:

  1. Secretary: To answer calls, receive mail, write quotes, collection letters, etc.
  2. Messenger: Collect payments from clients, Deposit payments to suppliers and creditors, deliver correspondences and small parcels, etc.
  3. ACCOUNTANT: To balance the company books.

If you have a phone, a fax machine and an internet connection, you may start offering your phone answering & FAX RECEIVING service. Start up firms and lawyers with their solo practices may forward their office calls to your number every time they are out and you can take (and forward) all messages. That way, they need not fear losing a client who calls. In addition, having somebody answer calls create an impression of a more stable company. In addition, you may offer to monitor all incoming emails and alert the businessmen every time one comes in.

As the number of clients grow, you may hire an additional operator to help you answer calls. Please take note that this kind of service MAY BE offered to international clients. With a DSL connection and VOIP line, the list of possible clients include all businesses in the world.

For local clients, a virtual office may also offer messenger and bookkeeping/ accounting serviceS. I will not go into further details for you must have figured out all these by yourself but should you need anything more, please let me know.



This is a continuation of an article posted here a few months ago. I decided to take time and write a bit more on this topic due to numerous requests that continues to come via email. In addition, should you want to really go into the business and need detailed information regarding costs and profit matters, you may hire me as a consultant for a very minimal one time fee ($200). I have figured this thing out since I have a similar business and will only be charging clients to compensate for my time.



This page will be updated from as often as possible. Should you have anything to contribute, please post it in the comments section. Thanks!

  1. Tools for transcriptionists and would be transcribers
  2. Financial Management Software for the online (and offline) entrepreneurs
  4. CAD Software
  6. Computer Graphics Software: Personal Learning Edition
  7. Make Money Online: Dowloadable e-Book
  8. Spam Free Email Address

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