Preparing for Summer Vacation

Growing up, I have always been impressed with the quality of Swiss military supplies. Those Swiss army knives are known all over and now, even Swiss Army luggage is becoming the bag of choice by the serious traveler. It is sturdy, like the way we expect and elegant enough to be carried by people dressed in any way. After I encash my next cheque from my employer, I will make sure that this home based worker will be able to enjoy what the frequent traveler carries, when on business or leisure trips. Summer is just a couple of months away.

Beginning of a Home Entrepreneur

I remember the younger days when a friend bought the latest laser discs and charged classmates who watched it in his home theater. Considering the high cost of laser discs then, it made a lot of sense for most of us to pay him rather than buy our own copies. Of course, such a thing is not possible for us grown ups now. The legal implications of operating an illegal theatre are quite heavy. But looking back, what he did is an example of how those who are creative enough can make money right from their own homes.

The beauty business in this time of crisis

Some people need top weight loss pills in order to get back into shape; all I need is a lot of work. But seriously though, the beauty or vanity business is a good opportunity at this time. The beauty parlor business gets a lot better during times of crisis and the only explanation that people can think of is that people always like to look good most especially when they are having bad days. With that in mind, home or personalized beauty parlors can actually be a good opportunity for some who has the skill for it. In addition, people may want to include home service massage or personal fitness training in their line of services and most probably, they can get plenty of regular clients at this time.

Rewards Rewards Rewards!

Nothing can stop me from gifting myself with my chosen apparatus. Technomarine watches are way too cool to suffer from my personal budget cuts. Having worked so hard snagging jobs left and right in (search this site for oDesk related posts) the past year, it is but right for me to wear something that will make me feel good. Yep, I reward myself from time to time for jobs that are well done and this is one of those times.

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