Here's another Home based money making opportunity for today.

As I've previously written, bloggers make lots of money by getting paid to write reviews of other sites in their blogs. As the PageRank and number of daily blog visitors increase, the price that people are willing to pay just be be written about in your blog increases. There are blogs that earn beyond $250 dollars for a short review of other people's blogs/sites.

Some people call it selling one's soul because some advertisers require a positive review of their sites. However, my solution is for the blogger to carefully study the site and accept the job only if they feel that the advertiser deserves a positive review. Otherwise, don't. There are also advertisers and blogs that forbids the "positive reviews only" requirement. In that case, the bloggers may write whatever they want and still get paid.

Aside from the sites that I've recommended in my previous posts, I have stumbled upon this site that offers to pay bloggers for reviewing their advertisers.

At this point, I still cannot recommend if they actually pay. All the other sites that I've listed previously have never failed to pay me for review assignments that I have done for them in my other blogs.

On their own, bloggers may also advertise their services in their blogs. take for example, that makes thousands of dollars per month, writing reviews of other sites in his blog. I've read some of his reviews and my God, it was not positive at all. yet, he got paid handsomely for it. By the way, he has a nice work station at home but he also blogs from his bed. Hahaha! Making money from his bed!

What are you waiting for? Go, make money online!


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