My past two posts were all negative and I have just realized that there is a need to reaffirm my declaration that there are a lot of reliable and legal online money making opportunities.

A few weeks ago, I posted my six (6) sources of blogging income and at this point, I am very happy with five. It is only with Bloggerwave that I have not received payment for my only sponsored post. All the rest have consistently paid me regularly and I have been doing this for several months already.

Here is my list, once more. I am currently trying a new program and will write a review in this site, soon.
  1. Payu2blog (received payments already)
  2. Payperpost (received payments already)
  3. Sponsored Reviews(received payments already)
  4. Smorty (received payments already)
  5. Blogsvertise (received 1st payment already) -- just 1 day delayed


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008