E Cigarettes

Last weekend, I finally got to try the e cig. It’s an electronically powered cigarette that’s smokeless, odorless, tar free and I was told that even in some flavors, it can be nicotine free. The e cig comes in all possible cigarette flavors and also emits a visible vapor when the smoker exhales what was puffed inwards. However, the visible vapor immediately disappears and leaves no smell even to the person beside the smoker. Home based web business can possibly make money selling this product and the consumables online.

Free PDF Page Counter

Those of us handling lots of pdf files may want to try out the free trial version of a new pdf page counter. The software is said to run fast and smoothly and can process even a large number of huge files. The practical applications of this software include those involved in scanning or imaging and are paid by the page and dimensions of every page. Try it.

Why I don't recommend Multi Level Marketing

Since my school days, I’ve been countless times been asked to join multi level marketing organizations. The people involved in such schemes invite people to a supposed "business opportunity" seminar or meeting and the attendees are treated to a high paying scheme and testimonials of people who has made it big in the business.

My beef with such schemes is that in most instances, people makes “real money” money by recruiting members. Every member is charged a joining fee and the recruiter and his recruiter takes a cut from it. Of course, there are also products being sold but normally, members will not make anywhere near the amount that they will make by recruiting members.

The problem with such scheme is that only those on top of the scheme make money. Members eventually ran out of people to invite and those at the bottom ends up not recovering their joining fees. For me, business is selling products or services. Multi level recruiting is not sustainable in the long term and will only leave people with lesser friends.

So next time you get cornered into joining a multi level business, think first before paying that joining fee. If there will be more money by recruiting instead of selling a product or service, don't join. Better yet, refuse to join anything that involves very persuasive recruiters that does not allow you to go home and think it over before you join.

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