Here is a unique home based make money online idea.

There are thousands and thousands of talented artists who can write beautiful poems and write heart touching songs. The only problem is that only a handful of them actually make money since there are not enough stages for everyone, politics in the entertainment industry, etc..

However, it is actually possible to earn good money by creating personalized masterpieces for every situation and event. Companies need good slogans and songs, individuals want to share their personalized love songs with their partners, dad's would want to sing a message in his daughter's wedding, etc, etc..

The video above is an example of a man who is not as popular as Eric Clapton, Mick Jaeger or Justin Timberlake but get's paid $2,000 ~ $25,000 for every performance.

For the artists out there, I hope this piece of article will be useful.

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Anonymous said...

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