Specialty Architecture

It is now possible to design and order church chairs designed for your church.

With the birth and growth of a number of variants of the Christian sect, the demand for specialized building designs has steadily grown. For instance, it is quite easy to spot a Mormon church because of its color and design in the same manner that the Iglesia ni Kristo (Chruch of Christ) also has a distinct brand.

Outsourcing Idea...

Yesterday, I was told by a reliable source that industry is still warming up. Companies are desperately hiring by the bulk and Human Resource providers are unable to keep up with the demand. This is good news for outsourcing destinations which are relatively lesser developed compared to the "outsourcers".

Home Based Job: PC Repair

In this age of computers, more and more people are in need of professionals who will do pc tune up, upgrades and repair. Though these tasks may be as easy as putting milk in a bowl of cereals for some people, it is very difficult for most consumers. Learning how to do those things therefore, is a very good source of income.

Spring Cleaning

This blog has been up for a few years now and I will probably need to do some clean up. Therefore, posts will be examined and referrals that are not working anymore will be removed. During the past few years, a lot of money making sites went up and down so there is a possibility that some of the suggestions in this site is not current and even nonexistent already. Please stay tuned.


When my nephew was born, we decided to pass on to him, my daughter’s rollabout. She’s outgrown the need for a rollabout and can even ran as fast as me so there is no point in us having to keep that device in our attic where it will simply gather lots of dust, occupy space and eventually become obsolete. And since I am thinking of passing on some kid stuff to my nephew, I wonder what else we can give him?

Telecommuting !

How does one beat the rush hour traffic?

  1. Leave the house early and come home late: This is good for those who likes to be out at night. However, coming home late is difficult if not impossible to reconcile with leaving the early the following day.
  2. Relocate near your work place: A lot of people actually do this. They get to spend more hours working and most probably, it results to higher income. However, there are many instances that make this not feasible. Like if one is married and with a family, it is almost impossible to find a place that is near both husband and wife's and also not very far from the kids' school.
  3. Telecommute: Por Moi' this is the best!
To be continued...

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