Work from Home by creating HubPages

Here’s a very good Work From Home Opportunity. I am not kidding. I have been into home based business and online work to know that this is excellent in the long run. Please read on.

We all have our own specialties. As kids, some of us were very good at video games, drawing cartoon characters, Nintendo games, etc..

As we grow older, some of us develop new knowledge and acquire new skills in varying degrees. The point that I am driving at is that we can make unending streams of money simply by writing and illustrating what we all knew and what we are all good at nowadays. This is a very exciting home based business opportunity, if you will ask me. Writing about what we know can become a full time work at home thingie for we are all oozing with knowledge that a lot people can always benefit from.


There are billions of people in this planet and there are always many things we know that a lot of people elsewhere will be very grateful to learn. Never underestimate what you know. Write about it, share it and earn from it!

I am talking about Hubpages. A Hubpage is simply a website talking about a single topic. Simple examples include
  • “How to slice an onion without shedding a tear,
  • “Growing a vegetable garden”,
  • “Atari tricks” (yes, there are people who will read it and be happy), etc..
  • “Drawing Pinnochio”

You may also create hubpages talking about particular topics like your views on religion, etc.

How do we make money this work from home opportunity? Simple, hubpages are well indexed in the major search engines and can therefore be found easily. Hubpages also have a huge following. By putting our adsense or bidvertiser codes, kontera and affiliate programs like amazon and e-bay pages.

Whenever people clicks on your adsense codes, you make money.

Whenever people buys items from your highly targeted e-bay and amazon ads, you make money.

Therefore, all you have to do is keep on creating hubpages and in time, you will generate lots of income.


This is a good work from home opportunity that you can do in your spare time. Hubpages can also have links to your own blogs/websites giving your sites an extra boost in the search engines and a little push in the PageRank.

Work from Home by creating hubpages. You will make money for life. Imagine writing 2 hubpages every week, that would mean 96 hubpages a year. If every hubpage will bring you a dollar a day, that would mean $2,880/month from Adsense alone. If your topic is really hot, that can bring in a lot more.

I am telling you, it will not be impossible for you to make thousands of dollars per day by creating hubpages. Even if you don’t have very hot ideas, it is not impossible for you to create thousands of hubpages that will also bring in thousands of dollars per day.

This home based business opportunity is very legitimate and will not cost you money. All you need is a little time every day.

By the way, they do not allow a few items, namely:
* No Spam
* Nothing about gambling
* No adult content
* Only English


Work From Home: Take Photographs & Make Money From It

Here is today’s work at home idea for the home based based business minded individuals.

With the digital age coming into this world at full throttle, good digital cameras have become very affordable. Despite that, the need for photos for a variety of applications has not gone down and in fact, more and more people are paying for it. Like me for instance, I needed a beautiful photo of New York’s skyline but the hundreds in my collection seemed to be inappropriate for my intended purpose (website header). For that reason, I surfed the net and bought one at iStockphoto.

If you have a digital camera with you, take a photo of almost anything that catches your fancy. A harmless piece of banana lying in your table can be photographed and come out great. Just keep on clicking on anything and you’ll have plenty in your collection. After that, you may put a watermark in it and display it in your own website. Price it cheaply and send the photograph (sans the watermark) to those who will pay you for it. As soon as you have accumulated enough photos in your stock, sales should go up and become a stable source of additional income while you are working from home. Once you have become a good photographer, you may start pricing your photos at the higher end. Learning photo editing will also enable you to give your creations different spins giving it a higher value. marketing the photos can be done through exhibits and online marketing.

One good thing about this is that if you will not sell exclusive rights to your photos, the same product can be sold repeatedly until the end of time.

Another option is for you to sell your photos through the popular sites like:
  1. US Photo Stock
  2. I Stock Photo
  3. Web Shots
Work from Home. It's worth it. Go Home based!

Note: Mastering photography and photo editing can be learned through the internet. There are tons of resources out there. Just learn how to use Google.

A Work From Home Business Idea: Read On

Work from home! Make that your goal. There are plenty of legitimate ways of doing that. Home based business opportunities abound. I started doing home based jobs a couple of years ago and looking back, it was well worth it. I save a lot in terms of travel time, restaurant food, business attire, etc.

Here is a story about people living in Queens who make decent money selling bottled water along the highway to take advantage of the warm weather. One of those interviewed says they make a profit of $80/day selling drinking water at $1/bottle. Others interviewed make money selling fruit. Now, this is not exactly a home based job or business unless the sales booth is right outside one’s doorsteps.

If you leave by a busy road, this is a worthy work at home business idea. If it’s me, I will add more value by also offering cold lemonade, soda and fruit shakes and make more profit. And while waiting for motorists to pass and buy my goods, I can set up my WiFi router and do other things like get paid to write articles, research papers, data entry, web design, etc..

Work from home by choosing the most appropriate home based business opportunity. It’s well worth it!

Good weekend

These weekend will be a bit different, I will be buying auto parts from my favorite supplier and will become an amateur mechanic in my garage. Oh well, gotta have something to blog about that is not related to work, from time to time. Having been into the work at home thingie for quite sometime, I can now claim to some stability. God willing, the good fortune will continue.

Go HomeBased!

Working from Home is so relaxing for me. I am spared from having to drive to the office and I have not dealt with arrogant motorists for a long time. Instead of wasting precious travel time, I have breakfast using the outdoor furniture that home based business brought me and start making money while most of the office guys are slugging it out with traffic. Not bad, eh?

Financial Rehab Through Home Based Business

I know of some people who are heavily in credit card debt that they are being threatened with bankruptcy. Running to me for financial advice, I introduced them to some life extending/saving mechanisms like the use of mortgage as a credit consolidation method and some loans that offers a no balance transfer fee. In order for them to speed up their financial rehabilitation, I recommended that upon getting home, they embark on some work at home gigs that will bring money that will help them get out of the red. The home based business opportunities that I feature are useful and I continue to use most of it.

Go home based! Make extra or lots of money b y working from home!

Work at Home: Content Writing ($25/500 WORDS)

Here's another work from home opportunity for the home based business opportunity seeker.

Check this one out, folks.

Will write about it later.

Work at home and save money, earn more and live a happier life. No stupid bosses and no angry looks. It's just you or you and your family. When you've got the money, buy a beer.

Better yet, buy me a beer!


HOME BASED BUSINESS: Programming, Writing & Web Design Opportunities

Here are more home based opportunities to my esteemed fellow pajama entrepreneurs.

I promised to write more about so here it goes. The site offers good opportunities for:
  • Programmers (10~ 20% ++ of total project cost)
  • Writers ($25/page)
  • Web Designers ($20 + $20 per page)

For updated details, please consult the site in this link.

As a writer, the rates in this page are somewhat good compared to most of the jobs posted in other sites. I am getting paid at least double the rate published in but I think, I will also post my resume there. I have a gut feel that they will also offer me my rate.

Good luck, everyone! I will be posting more work from home sources of income for the Home based business opportunities seekers.


Free Movies in Metro Manila

Here’s a site that gives away lots of free movie tickets every week. WazzupManila is a website that talks about Manila Philippines. It has a business directory, a free classified ads site and a front page that features the latest promos and talks about the latest issues.

At the moment, they have a site promo where they give away Free Movie for two every week. The movie tickets may be transferred to whomever the awardee nominates. The movie scheds are posted in the promos page. The site promises to come up with more promos soon.

The free movies promo is being run in partnership with


Stumble Upon Toolbar

I encourage everyone to blog, regardless of what you specialize in. I have posts explaining why.

For Work From Home Jobs and Home based business opportunities, please check our categories and/or use the search function and type your search word/s.

CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE (regularly updated):
A) Paid Writing assignments
B) Programs that allow you to blog about anything and get paid handsomely for it.

Please scroll down and JOIN ALL of these programs. The money, when combined, can be very very good!

A) Paid Writing assignments

  1. Linkworth: Pays well. Especially for older blogs. Enlist here and wait for the offers to come as your site gets older. It has sponsored reviews and advertisement programs.
  2. PayPerPost: You write a short post and they will pay. It will pay you $20 on your first post and provide you offers that can go as high as $350 for every succeeding post.
  3. Smorty: A program that is very similar to PPP.
  4. Sponsored Reviews: Pays you to write review of websites.
  5. LinkWorth: Pays you for reviews, ads, etc..
  6. Directory Maximizer: Draw huge readership by having your blog/website submitted to all the major websites.

B) Just blog about anything and get paid handsomely for it (Click on the links and banners and join).

Sign up and they will match your site to advertisers who will pay you for ads in your site.

A Work at Home Entrepreneur's Computer

A home based business opportunities seeker should know how to optimize his computer. After all, other than internet connection, the computer is the lifeblood of the business. In regard to the computer, a work at home opportunities seeker/worker oftentimes need to use multiple tasks at the same time. It is therefore important that the computers ram be maximized for optimal performance. For more information, I will be posting related materials from time to time.

Musings (again)

One of the good things associated with being a home based worker is the undisturbed work environment. Being a home worker frees up people from all the troubles associated with a formal workplace such as cafeteria talks, progesterone related topics, destructive gossip and worse, office politics. This means unhampered concentration and greater productivity resulting to higher output and greater income for both clients and the home based businessman, however he/she considers him/herself to be.

A Home Based Opportunities Seeker Cleans House

Just now, I have finished my part of Sunday cleaning and I wish that there were Sebo vacuums in our place. Our vacuum cleaners in the house are a few years old and somehow, I feel that there are small dust particles that leaks out of it. It is a good thing that we have no asthmatic member of the family. Otherwise, we are probably running towards the drugstore now.

All I need to do is finish this and be on my way to blogging work at home opportunities for our home based business opportunity seekers.

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