BPO's losing to home based employees

Other than the regular raffles, outsourcing companies also install treadmills, dumbbells, rowing machines and complete gym equipments as a way to keep their employees from getting bored and moving to other jobs. Other than the expense incurred in the purchase and maintenance of these equipments, the cost of maintaining a gym is very high. Well, that’s an expense that we home based workers don’t incur. We are happy to be in our homes and getting paid based on our outputs.


Scott said...

I am contacting you through this contact form as there was no email address available. We would be interested in purchasing advertising on your blog http://outsourcing-jobs.blogspot.com/. Please get back to me using the email address I have entered if you would be interested in discussing this further.

BPO.Asia said...

Hi Scott, You have barred access to your profile so I am unable to see your email address. Please send me an email at bpo.asia@gmail.com. I am interested. Thanks!

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