Home based business: Bridal Make up Service

I have a friend who is interested in starting her own bridal makeup business. I know that most magazines use airbrushing to make models look perfect. My friend is wondering if she should get her own airbrush makeup machine for her business, if the investment is worth it. I think these airbrush makeup machine are quite expensive yet they make the most imperfect face look almost perfect. She has to do her research then.

Work at Home: A Freelancer's Story

A few years ago, I decided to quit working and start my own home based business. I just couldn't handle the stress of the daily commute and having to answer to a dozen bosses every time they see something wrong with my work so I quit.

 I followed the suggestion of a few freelancers to have a small space dedicated as my work space. I chose the corner of the kitchen. I removed all the stuff that was there, all the magazines, old plates, boxes, etc. and I dumped them all in 2 small drums. I put the lids on and the band clamps and locked the band clamps onto the lids. I put a rectangular piece of wood on top of the drums and covered it with a piece of cloth. I put my laptop there temporarily since I still don't have a computer desk yet.

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