Sell Faucets

I still remember when the days when as a salesman for a company selling Moen faucets and other bathroom fixtures, I had to convince a lot of architects, contractors and developers about the beauty of and practicality of my products again and again, before I make a sale. It is therefore very comforting for me to be able to sell the same things online, without having to go around door to door. Just a little SEO and everything is fine. My site gets to rank high for the keywords that I like and more people gets to see my products. The end result is high sales volume and good profits.

Sell Replica Watches Online

I searched around for new opportunities and realized that there is good money in selling replica watches. These imitations costs less than 5% of the original and yet looks 99% the same. Love for beautiful watches will make these replicas cheap substitutes. For practical reasons, replica watches may also be worn during trips to distant or remote places where the risk of theft can be quite high. With replica watches, one may wear beautiful pieces and still keep the original watches safely locked in his home.

Like some of my previous suggestions, one only needs to look for affiliate links to reputable online stores and build a nice looking website that promotes replica watches. Every time somebody buys through the affiliate links, the vendor (you), makes a referral commission.

Selling Luxury brands

One of the opportunities that we can create or take advantage of is the online selling of luxury brands. For instance, selling Oscar de la Renta products online will free the vendor from expensive rental and inventory costs, making them very competitive suppliers. We all know that an online store requires no commercial space. What most doesn’t realize that an online store also requires no actual inventory. All that the sellers need are suppliers who have the goods on stock. Every time an order is placed, the vendor only needs to notify the supplier who can even deliver the stocks and issue the vendors’ receipts. Nice!

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