The services that can be offered by a virtual office may be any, a combination or all the services needed by a startup business (enumerated below). Of course, there are businessmen that do everything by themselves (to save on costs) but that would not really be optimizing the use of their time. Business owners can be better off creating money and not being at the office all day (handling routine matters).

But if YOU will offer to provide office services at very reasonable rates, businesses would, go all out for it.

A start up businessman normally needs a:

  1. Secretary: To answer calls, receive mail, write quotes, collection letters, etc.
  2. Messenger: Collect payments from clients, Deposit payments to suppliers and creditors, deliver correspondences and small parcels, etc.
  3. ACCOUNTANT: To balance the company books.

If you have a phone, a fax machine and an internet connection, you may start offering your phone answering & FAX RECEIVING service. Start up firms and lawyers with their solo practices may forward their office calls to your number every time they are out and you can take (and forward) all messages. That way, they need not fear losing a client who calls. In addition, having somebody answer calls create an impression of a more stable company. In addition, you may offer to monitor all incoming emails and alert the businessmen every time one comes in.

As the number of clients grow, you may hire an additional operator to help you answer calls. Please take note that this kind of service MAY BE offered to international clients. With a DSL connection and VOIP line, the list of possible clients include all businesses in the world.

For local clients, a virtual office may also offer messenger and bookkeeping/ accounting serviceS. I will not go into further details for you must have figured out all these by yourself but should you need anything more, please let me know.



This is a continuation of an article posted here a few months ago. I decided to take time and write a bit more on this topic due to numerous requests that continues to come via email. In addition, should you want to really go into the business and need detailed information regarding costs and profit matters, you may hire me as a consultant for a very minimal one time fee ($200). I have figured this thing out since I have a similar business and will only be charging clients to compensate for my time.



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