Yesterday, I was in a mall when I stumbled upon really cheap underwater cameras. Having gone to the world famous Boracay last December, I know how nice it is to have a good underwater camera while snorkeling with the fishes. I was therefore very happy with that find but the elation was short lived. A closer inspection of the displays revealed that those are underwater cameras that use rolls of film and not the digital type that we now use.

When Celebs Marry

I remember the time when the world stopped to watch Diana and Charles’ wedding. A few decades thereafter, the same planets also stopped to watch her eldest son William marry his sweetheart. These celebrity weddings are not really as private as the celebs want it to be. However, it may not at all be bad for the stars. Some networks would gladly shoulder the cost of the weddings in order to get exclusive coverage of the events. That of course, means huge savings for the couple.

Momo's the name

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been hearing about momo rims and wheels from my uncles and neighbors who are all avid car aficionados. Now that I have become one myself, I can’t help but wonder why this brand still dominates the market. A lot of high end brands are now in the market but still, Momo continues to have the respect of everyone in the industry. R & D is perhaps, what makes this company tick.

Enterprise Software for the Home Based Workers

In this day and age of outsourcing and home based work, there is no problem with distant sub contractors and employees because of MegaMeeting Enterprise Software which allows people to talk as if they are inside the same conference room. This kind of software also saves people a lot of time and gas money because they don’t really have to be physically in front of their bosses or clients whenever there’s a need to talk.

Let there be sunlight!

This weekend, I intend to enjoy the sunshine after a week’s worth of rain by having a long lazy breakfast in my backyard and have a tall glass of iced tea with my daughter in our wooden swing sets. The monsoon rains and successive typhoons left my backyard constantly wet and slippery and I was not in a mood to exercise at all.

This weekend will mark a change to that!

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