Like a true netrepreneur, I spend plenty of time surfing the net. It is by investigating the good sites that I am able to determine which money making programs to participate in and recommend to the readers of this blog.

Just this morning, I stumbled for the nth time, a site that makes money by selling e-books containing leads for people wanting to work at home or make money online. The e-books are supposed to contain a list of companies that you can go to and apply for jobs. Well, let me start by mentioning that yes, there may indeed be some e-books that contain legitimate leads. However, a lot of the items being sold along this theme, especially those that offer a list of companies that hire work at home employees for data entry and typing jobs are actually scams. A lot would simply take your money and offer you an affiliate commission for every sale that you make of their e-book, some would give you a lousy e-book that contains no clear lead while there are those that will not send you anything at all. Of course, you can try running after them. But let me tell you that those people are professionals in this business and you will simply be spending so much time and money going after them. Besides, that is not your original plan anyway, the intention is to get yourself a well paying home based job or business.

In order for you not to waste too much time, I suggest that you just spend time browsing this site and explore the home based opportunities (employment and business) that we have posted. Those opportunities are legitimate and pays on time.


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