Work at Home

My boss is throwing tantrums very often this days and I am tempted to get a doc to prescribe him regular hgh doses. Of course, I am kidding. I work at home and I have no boss except my 12 year old daughter. I work at home and I am able to be there every time she needs me and that’s something office boys and girls envy me so much.

Does it?

Does oxyelite pro work?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times so this time, In am posting a link to a website that offer answers to such a question. Of course, such a question is after all very valid even if it is repeated from time to time. I have experiences of finding out that certain brands actually have different formulations for every country. So what may work today can possibly be a thing of the past tomorrow.

Shopping in Shenzen

When I went to china, it was very unbelievable how much the fabled network cable is being sold for. It was so cheap that I was tempted to ask if the vendors are selling stolen goods. Of course, those people are ordinary vendors and the goods that they were selling are real. It’s just that it was China were labor is cheap and quality goods can be made for a lot less.

Gold Gold Gold!

In my country, a lot of people are into treasure hunting. A lot of them feel that the gold bullion of their dreams are simply buried nearby and waiting to be dug up. It is because the Japanese retreated towards the mountains of the Philippines when the Americans came and people believe that the loot that they have taken from other Asian countries as well as the Philippines are scattered in secret burial grounds.

Gifts for Dad

This coming celebration honoring our dads, why not add unique gadgets as fathers day gifts? A lot of people will be searching for unique items and a lot more will be very busy that they will need to be able to buy something and deliver it to the happy fathers. Get the site up and running and add the dad’s day gifts now.

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