With so many bloggers all over the web, a database of online money making opportunities is a precious commodity. That is one of the main purposes of this blog – to help people find work and business opportunities online.

The latest addition to the countless lists in this page is Bloggerwave, which is currently looking for bloggers who will complete short paid writing assignments. People should be pleased to know that the page offers short writing assignments and pays bloggers at a predetermined date after completion of the task. Another good thing about this site is that it requires bloggers to disclose the sponsored posts to their readers.

For example, may I disclose that this post is sponsored by Bloggerwave and this site will be paid $10 for this short article.


The main page of this blog now has a new domain name. Please bookmark and regularly visit

The site has the latest updates in the world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and this page is dedicated to outsourced jobs and work at home opportunities which are both part of outsourcing.

Currently working on a good/ beneficial article for this blog. Please stay tuned!


Outsourced Tasks Website

This website has a compilation of tasks that needs to be outsourced. Opportunities that I have seen ranges from the simple "Room Cleaning" to the carpentry jobs, wedding organizers and wine license "expiditors"- whatever it means.

The site has a very short FAQ list. Let us post it here:


1. What is is an online community where busy people can quickly find Assistants to complete their chores.

2. What Can I Get Done?
You can find someone to do ANYTHING on Picking up drycleaning, mowing your lawn, and cooking your dinner are examples of chores you can post.

3. Who Will Do My Stuff?'s Assistants are individuals and businesses located near you who compete to run your errands.

For additional information, please check


Quite busy with the change of domain name and new blog setup.

However, Checkout today's post at Pregunta Ver.

In that site, a good article was written about PayPerPost and PayPerPost Direct.

This site will have a new look for better functionality within the week.



Will try to post tomorrow but most definitely, there will be new opportunities posted on Monday. We are trying to upgrade this site in order to serve you folks better.


Site Upgrade

As posted in the other site, we are currently doing some changes to upgrade this blog. If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

I will be posting more opportunities within the day.



Good news for people living in countries that are are not accredited by Paypal to recieve payments. This program pays the participants via check.

AdVolcano allows website/blog owners to publish advertisements on their site.

Unlike Adsense, ADVolcano allows the publisher (you) to set the prices of every ad that appears the site and get paid 75% of it. Of course, the site needs to make money so it will retain 25% to cover its operational, marketing and, other expenses.

In AdVolcano, publishers need not pray for readers to click on the ads for them to make money. AdVolcano uses the Cost Per Term (CPT) system that pays you a pre agreed rate for a specific time (1 week, 1 month, 3 months) that an ad appears in your blog.

You also get to choose where and in what format (in your blog) the ads will appear.

LATEST BPO JOBS: Transcribe from anywhere

Here is a good job opportunity for transcribers/transcriptionists.

Outsec is a global company that offers transcription jobs from all parts of the world. At present, the company offers transcription of medical, financial, property, inventory, interview, translation and legal dictations.

In my opinion, an experienced transcriptionist should be able to do most of the work. Except for medical terminology, everything else should be easy and searchable. Of course, the company has its own requirements for every post.

Apply Here

John Chow: Online Money Making Guru

Having started blogging a couple of years ago (approximately), he decided to monetize his blog last September 2007. His income rose from $352 (purely Adsense) on the first month to $11,702.66 (multiple income sources) last April. The blogging community eagerly awaits his income declaration for May 2007. Such a rapid success made John Chow one of the top authorities on how to make money online.

Being so generous in sharing his tips on how to increase online revenue, he has become a household name. He also acknowledges those who review his blog through a link in his popular site.

No wonder, his blog tops Google searches for the term Make Money Online.


LIMITATION: Payperpost exclusively uses Paypal as its payment method. Should there be any change, please let us know.

I checked the newly reformatted website and decided to recommend it in this site. If only they will add bank remittance in their mode of payment, this program will be perfect for everybody.

Introduced way before Bloggerwave, Payperpost is a program that pays bloggers for writing simple (easy) articles about topics that can be found in the members area of the site. The price and requirements of every paid article is written in the members section of the site.

The price tags attached to the specific writing assignments that i have seen ranges from $5 ~ 300/post.


I have been receiving requests to post "Work from Home/Work at Home Job Opportunities from the Philippines". I have previously given this some thought and decided to focus on business opportunities that can be availed by everybody.

Sure, I will be posting location specific job opportunities but most of this site's content will be business and job opportunities that can be availed by people from all over the world (including the Philippines).

I figure that when this site's AdSense earnings (from viewer's clicks to the AdSense ads) have grown, I will probably hire employees who will gather location specific opportunities.

Right now, some of the opportunities are linked at the sidebar of this site. There are other opportunities that may be searched using the toolbar (above.)


In response to requests from the Philippines.

I browsed Craigslist for a few minutes and realized that it has location specific business and job opportunities. For the Philippines, the opportunities are located in this page.

Happy Searching! Gut Gluck!!!


Want to have a clip similar to the one at the end of this post?

Video clips provide a refreshing content to your blog. A reputable site claims that studies show that posts with photos are viewed more often than plain texts.

The clip below earns this blog some money every time it is viewed. Go, view my clip. :D

All you have to do is register at and search for news/clips that you want to publish in your site. Follow the instructions and install the appropriate widget in your site and the result is something similar to the clip below.

Notice that the clip comes with an advertisement. You make money every time your clip is viewed.

Like it?


PAYMENT MODE: This program exclusively use PAYPAL as its method of payment. Should there be any update, we will be posting it here. If you hear about the change before we do, please let us know so we can encourage those from non Paypal accredited countries to join.


This relatively new program pays bloggers for posting advertisements in their site. BloggingAds will supply the text of the advertisement and the blogger which the blogger will be posting to his/her blog.

Basic requirements include:

Age of the Blog: Must be in existence for at least 3 months
Content: Devoid of Hatred, Profanity, adult content, gambling, etc.
Other requirements can be found here.


As posted yesterday in my other site, this blog was temporarily frozen when blogger released it's electronic spiders.

This morning, I received an email (from Blogger) with a message that says this blog has been verified and given clearance.

Updates will be posted within the day.



This site (Craigslist) created quite a buzz (a couple of weeks ago) when an online news organization based in Pasadena posted a requirement for two journalists in India, who will be covering town council meetings via the internet.

The searched turned out successfully but Amercian journalists created so much uproar. Related stories are posted at the neighboring site. Should you encounter any trouble finding the posts, please use the search function at the top of the site's page.

Anyway, what happened was a simple proof that Craigslist is an effective page in searching for outsourced work. Both employers and prospective contractors/employees may use the site and find their match.

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