I have used the tips and advices on this site that are pertinent to my current work. I have a few monetized blogs where I use those money making (home based) tips and all of those web sites make a lot more money than this blog.

To all readers, just be patient, search this site and you will be rewarded. The tips here mostly require some devotion. But hey, they are all legitimate and real! I have made money from it.

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Here is another work at home possibility that pays US$12/hour. You get to save on transportation, food, clothing and other expenses.

- Work from home full or part time taking Catalog orders from a central dial up & log in station.
- Must have Internet access and great Customer Service skills.
- Good Pay. Full or part-time.
- RATE: $12.00/hr

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This are links to the latest home based (work at home/anywhere) job opportunities in transcription. The links will lead you to companies who are outsource their transcription requirements to qualified people who work at home or even mobile.,-Inc--Pay-.aspx

Additional opportunities and updates will be posted as they are found. There are a number of home based business and job opportunities posted in this site. Please search for it using the search field at the top of this page.


Since the internet has bridged great oceans to enable most companies to compete with each other, all over the world, it is very important to have access to the company information of most firms all over.

This is website is very useful not only for BPO firms but for most of all other companies out there. Named Masterseek, it is a new website that serves as a search engine/database of companies all over the world. At present, it has the company profiles of 45 million firms from 75 countries and the list is still growing. Should you need to look for potential clients in your own countries or anywhere in the world, search for it for FREE at Masterseek.

If you want to enter your own company profile and be found by your targeted customers, you may also do it for free. Visit the website now.


I have been searching my old posts for the last few minutes because I think I have already posted something about this program. Anyway, bloggers have another great opportunity to make money from their blog posts. We have previously posted about Adsense and a few other programs but this one is a bit unique. It has the potential to bring a lot of traffic into your site and it also allows you to make money from it.

  1. Sign up with Helium
  2. Include your blog's link in your profile
  3. Choose one post from your blog.
  4. Rewrite it by incorporating updates and making it easier to read (understand).
  5. Go back to step one and repeat the process.
Helium will give you a good share of their ad earnings from your articles. Furthermore, readers who check your profile will most likely visit your blog thus increasing your visitors.

Remember, more number of site visitors will most likely increase your Ad clicks.

HELIUM pays through Paypal. If you not have a Paypal account, please click on the Paypal logo at the right sidebar of this page. Joining Adsense is also easy, just click the adsense button at the right siebar of this page.

Happy blogging!


Looking at my site statistics, I have noticed that readers are finding my using various search words and most of them are coming in through Google. I rank on the top for certain words like "Home based or Homebased BPO opportunities", "Latest outsourced opportunities" and related variants. I also rank on the front page for related search words but unfortunately, I am nowhere near the first page for the search terms "Work at Home", "Home-based" and some related words.

Well, I want to tweak this page a bit but there are a ton of other things to do. For the meantime, I will just concentrate on reliable (quality) content. Posts may be sometimes be long but most of the time, it will just be a few words. One thing is definite, this site is dedicated to finding online jobs and other opportunities in order to help people. By doing that, I am following the first SEO rule which is "Content is King"!

Bookmark this page and visit regularly. Who knows, you might find something that you will really like. See you around!


There are a lot more opportunities, other than the ones linked in the right sidebar of this blog. Please browse through the archives of this site to find the ones most suitable for you.



It just occurred to me that people are probably wondering where I get the tips posted on this blog. For now, I will write as I think and simply update this article from time to time. Here are some:

1) WEB BROWSING: I normally search Google and Yahoo. Eventually, I intend to use more of the other search engines when I am able to verify their usefulness. At this point, Google is the most dominant search engine and most websites are scrambling to get into the the top spot for a variety of keywords.

2) OTHER BLOGS: There are a lot of other blogs that teaches us where to find new opportunities. What I do is check the tips and try it out for verifications sake. Initially, I intended to write reviews of the various home based business opportunities but I backtracked a little bit. There are a lot of positive things to write about so I will try to write about the programs that I believe will give the readers the best yield.

3) GOOGLE ADS: I cannot click on my own Google links because that is a violation of the ADSENSE terms and will get my banned. However, I can copy the links in those ads and paste it in another browser. Believe me, I've found good opportunities from the advertisers in this site. I also check the Adsense ads of other sites. In the same manner, some authors of other blogs click on my Adsense advertisements in search for the latest online money making tips.

Let me point out that not all advertisers provide good opportunities. Let me rephrase that, not all advertisements are suitable for everybody. Some advertisements will work well for some people but fail the others. It is a good thing that Google's Adsense advertisements change every time a page reloads so rest assured that there is fresh content all the time. Geesh, I never thought that I will like clicking on those ads. I found them annoying during my early Internet days.


So sorry, dear friends!

I was busy with a few meetings today. I expect to be able to post some money making tips within a few hours.

Please check back later.


Those who work from their homes need all the conveniences of an office. Software that costs a lot money is something that a big office can afford because the benefits of having many employees avail of it far outweighs the cost. This is something that a one man workforce cannot easily afford.

Freewares are therefore a homeworkers companion.

Here are a couple of sites that has a lot of free software for all types of purposes.

1. Free Downloads
2. Download


Check this out...

Gotta start working on those tax deductions!

Free CAD Software

Get it here:


Just this morning, I received emails from people wanting to apply for the CAD and transcription jobs that I posted a few months back. Those are ongoing requirements and all the resume's sent will be forwarded to the respective employers. Confidentiality of the applications are also assured.

There are other ongoing job and home based business opportunities which in the past posts. Needless to say, the outsourced jobs and work at home business opportunities in this blog is constantly updated and therefore always the latest.

Please search for the latest outsourced jobs and home based business opportunities using the toolbar at the top of this page.

Just a request, I receive feedbacks from readers but the comment sections of my posts are largely empty. Why not post something to give it a little light. You may also put a link back (to this website) in your own blogs-- just a friendly suggestion.

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I have encountered a number of these schemes and it is quite easy to determine which programs are legitimate and are most likely to last.

Programs that are funded by recruitment fees or new investments will go down when the volume of new members have reached massive proportions. The number of new members will reach an inflection point and the increase will become gradual. After the inflection point, the number of members continues to grow but the magnitude has ceased to be as big as the previous days. What will happen is that the recruitment fees or new investments being collected will no longer be enough to pay the maturing obligations (interest and other income old members).

The mainstays of the scheme will realize that money is now coming in trickles compared to the early days and they will start having a hard time paying off their obligations. At this point, the mainstays or prime movers will most probably fold up and run away.

Before the old members/investors realizes it, their money has left them together with the leaders of the scheme.

Here are some of the things that one should do before investing in this high yield programs:

1) Check the corporate papers and make sure that the company is licensed to engaged specifically in the kind of business that they are offering you. A lot of the past ponzi type of schemes were registered with the government but a close scrutiny of their registration papers showed that they were license to engage in activities that are far from what they were actually doing. A check of the company's authorized and subscribed capital will also tell you if the company has enough financial muscle to pay you should things go wrong.

2) Verify the company's claimed source of income. IMake sure that the industry that the company is investing in, indeed generates the income levels that they claim to be earning. If the company claims to be in the construction business, check the average income levels of construction companies and compare it with the interest rates being offered to you by the scheme.

3) Some of the Ponzi schemes claim that they engage in legitimate high interest money lending to big foreign companies. Why not write those companies and verify? Big companies post their contact details in the internet and contacting them is quite easy. Furthermore, check the bank loan rates in the countries where the supposed borrowers are located. If the bank lending rates are low, ask yourself why will those firms borrow from your principal if they can avail of low rates in their own banks?

What I have enumerated are just some of the ways by which you can verify the legitimacy of a program. based on the list above, one should be able to determine other means of verification.


There are people who invest despite their strong doubts. The strategy is to simply liquidate their initial earnings and recover their capital and later on roll over their income. They estimate that by the time things have gone out of control, they have already recovered their initial investments. The problem with this strategy one never knows how early or how late they are in the game. Besides, unforeseen events such as the intervention of the government and the press might suddenly blow things out of proportions and leave them crying over their lost investments.

Lastly, there are people who continue to patronize and even promote this Ponzi type of operations simply because they have a document (passbook?) that lists their supposed income. They lose sight of the fact that what they have are mere pieces of paper that cannot be converted into cash.


CAVEAT EMPTOR: Let the buyer beware

This is one money making scheme that you should never even think of joining. In brief, this type of scheme comes in many names and variants. However, the overall system remains largely the same.

An unsuspecting/ gullible person will be offered to invest or buy a membership into a certain organization. In return, he/she will be given a percentage of the investment/membership dues from the people that he/she will bring into the system. The ugly thing about this kind of money making scheme is that the investors/members makes money from the membership fees/investments of their recruits.

Some variants will have them selling products but the commission that they make from the sale is not at all attractive compared to recruiting new members or investors.

Another variant is offering huge returns to short term monetary investments. People, beware!!! You will probably never see your money back.

A sad fact is, a lot of people are victimized because they are recruited into the scheme by people that they know. A relative or friend may come and give juicy testimonials that the system works. Some of them may even have made some money using the scheme. The problem is, when the said money making scheme has become too large, the operators will suddenly disappear, leaving the investors to face the wrath of their recruits.

This scheme has victimized people from all walks of life. I have read about doctors, generals, successful career professionals, businessmen and others who have fallen prey.

In the internet, a lot of this things have reportedly surfaced, closed and resurfaced. Don't be victimized.

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