Communicating w/ Clients or Students

Further to my last post, an online teacher can communicate with students via video teleconferencing. Other than that, one on one tutorials or even group discussions can be done via Skype or Yahoo Messenger through both video and simple text chat. I am also sure that there are a lot of free or inexpensive ways of doing it online. The secret to a successful communication is good internet connectivity for both teachers and students.

Online Sunglasses

Here’s for the eyewear and sunglasses aficionado. Why not get in touch with distributors of Calvin Klein Sunglasses and other brands of eyewear and hammer a reselling contract. Get the products at a discount and create a website selling such items at retail prices. Further selling can be done by posting in online stores like eBay and voila, there’s an online business! Whenever there’s an order, just buy from the distributor and send it to the buyer. For questions, please post it in the comments section.

Fashion out of the Flag

With the euphoria over the NFL, the news about America’s plans to end its combat role in Afghanistan, I have this sudden urge to order a custom made patriotic shirt from the famous stars and straps. Even in the Philippines, Filipinos have this sense to make love for a country a fashion statement. The country’s flag are now beautifully embroidered in shirts and now, even the flag had become a fashion logo. Wow!

Redesigning my site

This layout has been here for a few years now.

I am now in the process of doing some reconfigurations in order to make this site more useful to you my dear readers and fellow home based businessmen.

Home based rocks!!

Odesk Testimonial: It works, Promise!

For a few years, I relied upon oDesk as one of my main sources of income. I got income from referrals but mostly, from article writing jobs that I got because of the site. Now, I have other sources of income but oDesk remains very close to my heart. Actually, I have decided to get a lot more jobs through the site and get my contractors for my other businesses through oDesk as well.

If you have oDesk doubts or questions, please let do not hesitate to ask me through the comments section.


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