Good Idea!

How about putting up a home business similar to a disc replication business? Disc replication machines allow companies to produce thousands of copies of their marketing materials on CD for mass distribution during trade fairs and similar events. Such a machine requires a capital that will not be affordable to 90% of aspiring entrepreneurs but that business model can become an idea for something that will cater to large corporations.

Caveat Emptor

While outsourcing, as advocated by this site, is good, not all outsourcing companies are. Like any industry, ours have its share of rotten apples and scammers that are out to no good.

Some unscrupulous groups hire lowly paid and under qualified people and registers their firms as outsourcing companies. The result is, of course, a disaster. The people sending jobs to outsourcing companies are duped and they end up paying a lot more.

Take for example this story-->

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