Stay on Top

When operating an online store, it will be good to be updated as to the latest trends. Top google searches are fueled by news on current events, entertainment and other things. In relation to that determine what possible products the buyers will look for and source it immediately. Be sure to have the items in your store an immediately market it to the search engines. When people start looking and buying those products, you will be ready to cash in on the opportunity.

Music Buffs

I know of a music buff that bought a new DigiTech Amplifiers at musicians friend and was happy with it. After a while though he started looking for more from his speakers so he went to another store in search for new amps. The salesman however, recognized a musically inclined customer and listened to his plight. The surprising suggestion is new speakers and not a replacement amp.

Home Start Ups

I was reading a success story of home based businesswoman who was nominated for a business award. The lady took a few years before she became really successful and now, she is about beat a lot of conventional businesses in the race for a prestigious business award. Well, that should not be surprising since a lot of giants like facebook, apple and Microsoft all started from their garages.

Home Based Carpenter

During breaks in my work, I take time to do some carpentry work for the house. I started by sawing and hammering a work bench in my garage and after that, I did few small projects one at a time and it is fascinating to realize that after getting the tempo of it, I was able to finish a lot of things. I could not have done that if I was an office boy.

Work at Home 2

Did you know that my online work, though not the convenience store that I am writing about now, enabled me to buy new golf clubs and play lots of golf and even an indoor water fountain. Perhaps, I’ll save up and use my earnings to finance an overseas vacation and play more golf using the new clubs that I bought with my online income. Isn’t that great! 

Go, work online and make money while in your pajamas!

Online Store: Part 2

An online convenience store may be a collection of various products from several sites. The site however, should be careful and write a disclosure and identify which products his site does and doesn’t have control of. This will properly inform the buyers and reduce the risk of disappointment with the site in case a supplier fails to deliver. Work online and make money in your pajamas!

Online Store

I have a pair of light brown leather shoes that has been with me for ages. I like it very much so when I noticed some fading in one side, I searched the net for leather dyes and found one. I realized that maybe, it is a good business idea to search for various supplies and sell it in online convenience store.

My Life as Home Based Businessman

I hate preaching to the choir so this post is people who are not home based workers.

Since I started doing this, I have saved a lot in gas since I do not drive to work. I also save a lot on parking fees and mileage on my car and most of all, the time I spend on the road which is about 3 hours per day is spent working and making money if not getting extra sleeping hours.

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