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For those who work at home, this home based job/ business opportunity is for everyone who have the patience and discipline to conduct research and write in return for a pre-agreed amount of payment on a per page basis. Based on the work from home opportunities that I have observed within the past month, the rate ranges from $5~20/page.

All writing currently supports the following payment methods:
  • Paypal (
  • Western Union (
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • E-Gold (
  • Xoom (
  • MoneyBookers (
  • StormPay (
  • WebMoney (
To look for similar opportunities search this site using the keywords, "academia research" and "writing". You may also manually search through the categories or go page per page. I sometimes forget to tag my posts.

For everybody else, I have probably listed a hundred home based business and job opportunities, all of which are FREE.

There is absolutely NO FEE required.

keep the faith, work at home/work from home! There's money in it!

Prior to Being Home Based

Prior to my being a work at home entrepreneur, I sold tons of faucets and made quite a lot of money from it. But such work also brought a corresponding amount in stress with the product being associated with construction work where roughnecks abound. Dealing with ignorant and stubborn people was part and parcel of the game and with the product costing so much; one cannot afford to lose ground. In the end, it was still well worth it but now, home based business has never made me so relaxed. Work from home. I recommend it to everyone!

Home Based Worker's Hobby

My home based activity yesterday is bathroom faucets replacement. It is so amazing how easy it is to things like this yourself. It saves a lot of money and the satisfaction derived from having done it is priceless. That’s what one gets when he/ she is works from home. One gets to earn sans time wasted in road travel. In addition, one also saves in expensive office attire and not so healthy cafeteria food. Work from home, that’s my motto!

Home Based Job Opportunity: Blog Post Reviewer

This particular opportunity is time sensitive but the company frequently posts jobs opportunities. Please scroll down the page to see this particular home based job requirement and/or see the other requirements that they have. Good luck!

IZEA opening: part time blog post reviews

Basic Function: Review blogs, posts, and opportunities for overall quality, relevance and adherence to applicable advertiser criteria and terms of service agreements.

This job does not require any selling, or cold calling. If you have your own blog, please include the URL in your resume.

Background and Experience Needed:

  • Associate's degree or higher preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in a related field and/or environment.
  • Proficiency using Macintosh computers or PCs
  • Demonstrated skill using MS Excel, MS Word, calendaring, wikis, other related technology.
  • Excellent written "netiquette" skills.
For more details: Please click here
For other positions with this company, please click here

Please route resumes and the hours you would be available to work to

Apply for this job online

Outsourcing and Health

To employees of outsourcing companies reading my posts, take a look at lipovox. I found it while going around the net. Of course, my basic advice remains. Get your doc’s approval before popping anything into your mouth. And I mean, just that, anything! Anyway, that is a bit off topic. Outsourcing companies have lots of employees working odd hours and some of them forget that frequent trips to the free orange juice or ice tea machine is not as good as it initially looked like. Lots of orange juice = lot’s of sugar. Gut?

Home Based Job Opportunity: Linkworth Sales Account Manager

Linkworth is a stable internet marketing company. They are in continuous need of people sales people. Please read the details of their home based job requirement:


Independent Sales Account Manager:

LinkWorth is looking for talented independent search marketing consultants to join our remote sales team. This would be a 100% commission position with the advantages of using all our sales tools and training of how to use our system.

Candidates will be responsible for all aspects of sales and account management including, but not limited to:

  • New account acquisition through cold-calling, cold-emailing, referrals, clientele.
  • Consult with clients to develop and implement SEM strategies that best suit their needs as it pertains to the services we provide.
  • Provide ongoing account maintenance and superior customer service.
  • Work directly with LinkWorth Executive management to build and grow this dynamic company.

Other requirements include:

  • Ongoing education & research as it pertains to the internet marketing/SEO/SEM industry.

Qualifications: Perfect candidates will have:

  • Strong computer skills – general proficiency with standard Microsoft applications & any HTML knowledge a plus.
  • General knowledge of website promotion.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Self-motivation & ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Benefits of being an Independent Account Manager:

  • Advantage of working from home from anywhere in the world.
  • Set your own schedule and work at your leisure, just know the more you put into it, the more you'll make.
  • Make this a secondary job that you can do in your spare time.
  • Great commission payout percentages.
  • Enjoy awesome support from the LinkWorth Corporate office in Lewisville, TX.

To apply for this job, please send your resume to

Dreams of World Travel

As an outsourcing consultant, I do a lot of travelling. My Delsey bag is therefore always packed and ready to go. I heard that some well travelled businessmen have luggages in different parts of the world so as to spare them the laundry problems, I do not have that kind of arrangement yet and I do not intend to get that busy. The thought of becoming that successful however is very tempting!

Outsourcing and Health

I have just been told that a lot of home based workers are gaining weight. Hah, tell me about it! I am now heavy into exercises because of that. Facing the computer for long hours can be habit forming. As we all know, home based work means more hours = more money. There are diet pills available but finding one that is safe can be quite stressful. Of course, there are doctors to give us reliable health opinions. If you are thinking of buying one, get a doctor’s approval.

Caveat Emptor

Be careful when you go on a diet. Some of those pills have banned addictive substances and yet are being distributed without the FDA’s knowledge and approval. If one will not be careful, he might end up in a drug treatment center instead of the home based/outsourcing magazine’s hall of fame. We are all doing home based job for our health and to make money. We are not trying to make lots only to spend it in rehab.

Ecommerce from Home

Last week, I wrote about acne treatments as a good home based idea for workers in the outsourcing industry. This week, I came upon the cellphone repeater system business. Browsing through my other posts, I realized that one can actually put up a mini ecommerce site and sell a lot of items sans any inventory expense. For me, the very essence of home based entrepreneurship is simply having one or two electronic gadgets attached to the internet. For the next several years, that should work big time!

Another Home Based eCommerce Idea

One ecommerce business that one can make money from these days is the sale of cell phone repeater systems. For some reasons, there are spots in offices, residences and commercial areas that have weak mobile signals. Selling this repeaters or signal amplifiers by putting up a website that explains the features should be a good business that can be managed from the home computer.

A Home Based Worker's Lifestyle

Being a home based entrepreneur gives me time to indulge in some carpentry and home improvement works. Like today, I am about to install a tankless water heatersthat will simultaneously service up to three showers in my household. Being able to do that gives me some happiness for office work made me neglect all those things previously. Now, I have all the time to work on my home, literally and figuratively.

Boxing: Home Based Workers' Entertainment

Typing the day's at home, this home based entrepreneur watches Pacqiuao's fights like most boxing fans. As one blogger once wrote, Pacquiao has turned boxing into matches that are reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum.

Many thinks that this will be an easy fight but a few thinks otherwise. Read this article about a pre fight analysis of Pacquiao vs. Diaz!

Home based Customer Service Assistant

This opportunity has been filled but this big company posts full home based job opportunities in the company blog.

Check it here:'s blog entry. The blog's url is:

Note that this job provides a “work from home” opportunity, so you must have a stable broadband connection (preferably with a static IP address) and telephone. Salary is negotiable depending on hours worked, experience etc.

How do I apply?

If you would be interested in joining our team by becoming a customer support rep for StatCounter, please send your résumé to jobs-statcounter-com with the @ and . appropriately placed! Don’t forget to include your StatCounter username and salary expectation.

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