Those wanting to work at home may try medical coding as a career. This type of job pays well and if you work from your home where you need not waste time and money on travel, restaurant food and office clothing, you can live comfortably with this type of job.

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Personal Touch Coding Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 249
Brooks, KY. 40109

Phone: (502) 387-4604
Fax: (502) 955-7740

General Information:

Current Employees:

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Rewards of Home based Work

Spending long hours in front of the computer finally gave me good results. I have just made an online purchase for Akoya pearls that will look perfectly good when worn by my beloved. Home based business is very financially rewarding. All that one needs to do is develop his patience and fortitude. Personally, it was painful for me in the beginning. But now, I have started reaping the rewards of working from home.

Strength + endurance = Mr Gigolo!

Some personal notes.

After having trimmed down by using my cardio endurance gadgets, I decided to move on through a more intensive use of strength equipment. That should make me both lean and a bit muscular. I decided that I will not want to look big and tough so I trained hard in making myself slim and afterwards, strength training followed. After a couple of months, I should be back to my fighting form.


Not many people know that a Mortgage can actually save you from financial trouble. If you are swamped with multiple credit card debts and starting to feel its effects to your monthly cash flow, you can get a mortgage and use it to pay all your debts. Since a mortgage is collateralized, it normally comes with lower interest rates and that leaves you with a lower debt. Never forget that since the mortgage made you successfully pay all your debts in full, you not only saved a lot on interest payments, you also got for yourself a good credit rating.

And if you want to start your own business, whether home based or otherwise, a mortgage will also allow you access to business capital. Neat, isn’t it?

Work at home!

If you are a person that needs some special equipment at work, like a stair lift, finding home based jobs or businesses is a good idea. Let’s face it; the world is not yet that friendly to most of you. I realized this when I got a bad leg injury and had to agonize my way every day. Man, it wasn’t that easy. Good thing I now work from home. It’s very liberating.

Home Workers, Keep the faith!

Home based work can immediately be rewarding if you know where to start. When I was a mere beginner in this, I didn’t know anything so I simply started a blog, sans any SEO or knowledge about Adsense optimization. While searching the net for work, I stumbled into a lot of low paying programs that yielded me just enough to buy some down comforters after a few months. Now, that is hardly the case. Starting with oDesk, I began to develop my own network of clients that is giving me enough to live comfortably. Keep the faith, there’s money online- lots of it, actually!


Here's an additional home based income for our bloggers. Just take a short survey at Dneero and publish your results in your blog. Dneero pays you for every page impression. It's that simple. The money is not that great but for the kind of work that you will be doing, these should be good. Especially for the start up work at home people who are yet to make real money from home, this is a start and should be an encouragement that money can be made.

There are also countries where the cost of living is very low (in terms of US $). Dneero should be a good money making program for them.

Good luck!

Blogging jobs

This blogging job is nothing compared to this one that guarantees a monthly minimum of $725. A number of their bloggers are even earning in excess of $100,000 per year.

However, it is good enough for those out to make their first real online income. Creative weblogging network pays their home based bloggers a monthly compensation of $84-140 (via PayPal or Moneybookers) for 3-5 posts per week (70 words each). They also give some bonuses for aggressively growing blog traffic. One good thing about this job is that its writers are taught how to reach out to a big audience and that should be very helpful to those out to start or grow their own blogs.

Click this link to see the blogs/topics that are looking for new writers
. I suggest that you examine the content of the available blogs and if you think you can write as good as the present crop, apply for it.

Derma, Derma, Derma

I have always thought that pimples and acne are only for teenagers. Well, I am very very wrong! I will have to visit my derma for some acne treatment and just the thought of it doesn’t seem right. The only consolation for me is the possibility that Id get to meet attractive women in the clinic. At least, I will have something good to look at while I’m there. Hehehe!

Pimpin my workstation!

Since I will be having my laptop repaired. I might as well improve on my home set up. How about a bandwidth increase and some rewiring? I heard that CAT6 cables are extremely good for high speed internet and backward compatible as well. I only need a few meters anyway. That way, should the really fast connections reach my place, I’d be ready. Let’s see.

Another possible cause of bad internet connection

This weekend, my laptop couldn’t connect to the internet and I thought that I was having problems with my provider. But when the technicians came, they plugged their own laptop to my outlet and things were running smoothly. We then plugged my old PC into the internet and it too was doing well. I was advised to check or replace my LAN card and that will probably do the trick For the meantime, I will need an external hard drive for my files and have my laptop brought to the vendor. I hope the warranty will work to my advantage.

Pimpin mah ride!

This weekend, my focus would be a search for original Dodge Magnum accessories. The ones that my friends know are also popular for high prices and will probably charge me an arm and a leg. if I will allow that, what will I use to drive? Hehehe! Seriously, this car accessories business can be a scam if one doesn’t know where to search. My advice is not to become an impulsive buyer and research the products and suppliers well before making a purchase.


Here's a couple of home based medical transcription opportunities:


Please click on the above links to be able to get into the application page.

Medical Transcription is simply putting into a written form (word document) a dictation done by doctors or other medical professionals. In this field, a transcriber need not have a medical background but of course, it would be advantageous.

This site has a number of transcription (both medical and simple transcription) opportunities listed. Other home based work and business opportunities can also be found here. Please take time to browse the site and who knows, you might be able to find the work that is perfect for you.

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