A Nice Idea

A look at my friend's best mpc 5000 equipment gave me a new home business idea.

Another business that can be done from home is running a recording studio. Talents can come over and do live recording at a specially designed part of one’s home and the resulting sound would be the same if not better than what one can expect to find from a bigger musical studio. In fact, home based recording studios are more flexible and can actually buy the latest equipment faster than large recording studios,

Home Based Travel Agent

Do you know that one can effectively be a home based travel agent? With the internet, just about anybody can register as a travel agent of any airline since the job can actually be done via the internet. In fact, a travel agent can actually sit in the beach and continue to work as effectively and as if they are in the office.


While translating is a good example of work at home or home based opportunities, I also know that there are a ton of other things that one can do from the comforts of one’s home and in front of the tv stand. Some of the examples include, photo editing, ghost writing and gunsmith services. These are things that doesn’t at all require for people to report to the office every day.

More Online Work Opportunities

I checked my favorite online source of home based work and was pleasantly surprised that there is a huge demand for translators. Works of different people from different countries are translated to different language in order to make communication very easy. This early, I surmise that translators are paid not as highly as I want but there are also high paying translating jobs like international contracts.

More Parlor Hours

With home schooling, moms will have time and more money to stack up on hair stylist supplies since she need not spend on kids’ school uniforms, transportation gasoline, lunch money, etc.. Moms would also have longer sleeping hours and more time to visit their favorite salons to have their hair done, get manicure and pedicures and enjoy longer grocery shopping hours.

Home School Services

Providing home schooling as a home business has its ups and downs. Kids will never have to take bus rides to school, need not wear uniforms and can sleep a bit longer since there is no travel time from home to school.

A Proper Dose of Everything

As a hard working home based businessman, I work very long hours and sometime forget to maintain a balanced social life. That is a big NO to any body and the negative payoff from being a hermit will surely hit at the most unexpected time and it can be severe and very long lasting in effect. I therefore should treat myself with discount avo cigars at times and attend parties thrown by friends and neighbors in order to live a well balanced life.

Discipline and Work Ethics

Among the many lessons that I’ve learned from being a work at home businessman is that one should remain disciplined and must work as hard as the most hardworking entrepreneurs. Just because one is at home, working time can already be juggled and tossed like cheap rubber balls. Clients work at certain schedules so one must be at work to meet every deadline and be call enough number of clients to be able to sustain and grow the business.

Working From Home!

I want my cuff links slane and slane! Subito! With that command, my staff scrambled to get me what I commanded. He he! In reality, I only needed a few clicks of my mouse for what I want to come to me. And there are hardly mistakes. Issuing commands through a computer makes most things very precise. For the same things to be attained by humans, the cost would be very high!

Advanced Greetings!

I am starting to feel the Christmas spirit already so let me be the first to greet you a Merry Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

May the roads rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine brightly above you
May the rains softly water the fields around you.

May God have mercy on your soul
May you reach heaven
.. 10 seconds before the devil knows you're dead!


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