Online Cigar Store

Being one to enjoy the occasional smoke, I would recommend the creation of a website that deals in the trade of Padron cigars and smokes all over the world. These cigars can be sold on a per piece basis provided that they are individually packed in those aluminum tubes that keeps ‘em fresh. Why have I not thought about it before? It’s such a good idea, don’t you think so?

Wise Spending for the Rookie

Newbies in the home based business or work thingie needs to be very practical when selecting expense items. cheap health insurance tops the agenda and this is followed by food choices and most everyday items. Rookies do not make that much money and may oftentimes be on deficit. It is therefore important that they are very practical when it comes to spending precious money.

Great Diversion From Work

One good thing about being home based is that one has time to appreciate wedding invitations and other party invites. Working at home has totally destroyed my social life so the occasional wedding or birthday party is greeted with a lot of joyful anticipation. It gives me a reason to go out of the house or buy new clothes, something that I absolutely have no need of whenever I work at home.

The Hazard of Being Home Based

As a home based worker, I sit in front of my pc all the time and work my butt off til it is time to retire for the day. For me, the more time I spend working, the more money I make. One negative externality, as economists refer to it, is weight gain. I munch on something while typing and down it with mugs of coffee, all day long. I need a natural appetite suppressant to arrest my weight gain and I hope to be able to start looking for one, very soon!

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