Soccer Balls

In the Philippines, selling custom soccer balls might be a good home based online business idea. Its national team, The Philippine Azkals, suddenly started winning a lot of its matches in spectacular form and the imagination of the Philippine public was suddenly hooked. Doing this kind of business will require the proper printing equipment, some soccer balls, a good design software and lots of imagination.

Home Based Snake Business

I never thought that snake breeding can be a home based business. In Connecticut, a man was granted a 3 year permit to continue breeding snakes from outside his home. This came to public attention after the guy was stopped by the local government from in the business. The home based businessman however, was given a 3 year permit after a successful inspection of his facility.

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Safety Thoughts

My friend’s house got submerged for a few days during the August flood. His musical instruments and appliances were therefore destroyed so he now has to go through the painful task of buying an mbox, amplifiers, speakers and so many other things. My advice is for him to set those expensive thingies at high ground or even move his residence to higher grounds.

Spend Wisely

Being a work at home guy, I am a very organized person. Therefore, all purchases that I make are well planned. Before choosing the appropriate seller, I check out their prices and look discounts at fatwallet.

That way, I am able to optimize my expenses. Just now, I checked my email and discovered that fatwallet has a new set of discounts from a retail website and I will browse it for future use.

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