Another e-Commerce Idea

Another home based business opportunity is selling natural acne treatment to employees of Business Process Outsourcing companies. These firms have thousands of employees and 99% of them belong the acne prone age. Add the fact that they have irregular work shifts, their body clocks are in a regular mess and that should be enough reason for anyone selling these medications to experience brisk sales. To make ordering easy, one can put up a website clearly stating the seller’s yahoo messenger, skype and email address. If possible, shopping cart software may also be installed for added convenience. Since volume sales can be expected, the entrepreneur should not find it difficult to get a delivery service if he/she cannot do it on his own.

A Not so Conventional Home Business

I don’t know what got into some of the youngsters nowadays. Research leads me to believe that a lot of them are buying body stockings. By the way, for the record, the first comment is not a complaint. It is just a statement of bewilderment. Having said that, may I introduce it as an opportunity to our home based business opportunity seekers. One only needs to visit stores selling these items and ask for a retailers discount, set up a website, optimize it and you’ve got an e-commerce site.

Putting up a business at home need not be expensive.

Produce and sell exercise videos

I few pages ago, I mentioned in this blog the home based potential of creating exercise videos and selling it through the net. A yoga dvd for instance, will be a sure hit now due to the popularity of that exercise to many people. The beauty of this mode of selling is that one need not create a physical copy since the product can be delivered via internet downloads. In addition, the market for this kind of product is the entire planet.

Starting a moving service

I once availed the services of a New York Moving Company and suddenly realized the business potential of such service. With so much unemployed labor all around, it will be easy to register a similar service and advertise it in yellowpages and through the internet. Whenever clients call, one only needs to hire employees by the hour or by the day and serve the clients. This business will require almost no capital.

A coffee Shop as a retirement business

Having seen the birth, growth and expansion of the numerous cafĂ©’s on my country. I have decided to look it up as a possible retirement business. I quietly looked at the prices of coffee and other raw materials and realized that there is money to be made. However, the prices of these espresso machinesmake me cringe. It is so damn expensive!


For those who don’t have blogs but wants to make money from through home based work this is another good idea for you.

Triond allows people to post articles in their site and allows advertisers in the pages where the articles are posted. Money comes in through a 50% revenue sharing between Triond and the article contributor.

An advantage presented by Triond over personal blogs is that it generally gains popularity faster than individual blogs. As we all know, popular blogs are able to draw advertisers faster and the more popular they get, the bigger amount they command as advertising fees.

Another plus is presented is the popularity and heightened credibility that this can bring to a person starting his/her own blog. Writing for sites like Tripond also brings readers to the contributors personal website (blog).

Try this site and also look at similar ones like Helium, aboutwritings, Associated Content and Printand Post.
Shvoong, etc.

Hectic Schedule

An outsourcing consultant’s schedule can sometimes be very hectic. Inspections of potential sites and travels to potential customers’ offshore offices can be very often and time consuming that I have a ready luggage in my room awaiting my next trip. My schedule can sometimes require constant travel that I have accumulated lots of clothes that I needed to buy whenever I ran out of clothes in a foreign land. Well, gotta start updating my blog again.

High Paying Writing Assigments + vacations, bonuses, etc..

Here is a good source of home based jobs for the pajama clad writers (like me).

For me, this program can be classified as within the upper middle sites in terms of the rates that it pays people.

I say upper middle because I've seen rates that are in excess of $100/page but contracts like that doesn't come very often.


This program pays up to $25/ page + bonuses & paid vacations to top performers.

The categories are: Academic research writing, Capital market financial research, web content, etc.

Read the requirements and other details here
Post your applications here

Blogging over the weekend

The weekend is so near that I can smell it already. Finally, I will have time to oversleep and enjoy my new mattress. I also intend to devout more time updating this blog with more opportunities. My online and offline responsibilities are quite heavy at this point so please forgive me for the somewhat erratic posts. I hope to be able to make it up with you, dear friends. You are the purpose of this blog.

More on home based travel agencies

I have written before that the idea of a home based travel agency is not at all farfetched. With much of the bookings being done online, all that you have to do is get accredited as a sales agent of a legitimate travel agency and offer excellent travel deals via a website. Marketing can be done through emails to friends. You may also request them to forward your promo announcements to their friends. You may also ask them for referrals. Offline, all you have to do is prepare small mini brochures and fliers and distribute it during your PTA meetings, neighborhood gatherings, etc. The advantage of this kind of business is the low monthly overhead therefore requiring minimal sales volume for the home based entrepreneur. Just like the offline travel agencies, your reputation should develop over time and your clients will increase. Just remember to align yourself with a legit and good travel agency. The rest should follow. Neat isn’t it.

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