Starting a virtual office is a good complement to other homebusinesses. It can be run together with your online jobs with minimal intrusion. If you do this well, you can actually build a big list of regular clients and the business can actually be enough to give you a regular and comfortable
monthly income.

If you spend a lot of time within the comforts of your home, a good idea is to start a virtual office business. The most basic requirement to be able to start is this business is a phone/fax line.

How does it work? Simple.

A lot of start up or small businesses spend very little time in their offices or need people who will take their calls but cannot afford a full time secretarial service. A work at home person can easily do this service for a fee. The businesses may forward their incoming calls to the virtual office (your house number) whenever they are out of thier office. The virtual office will then take charge of receiving calls and forwarding messages and any other service that may be agreed upon.

The rates that can be charged by the virtual office will depend upon the services required by the clients (receiving calls, receiving faxes, forwarding messages, sending SMS alerts, etc..). The beauty of this program is that a virtual office can take in more than one client.

Should the work at home person (you) need to go out of the house for some errands (groceries, etc..), all that's needed is to forward all calls to your mobile phone.

How do you find clients? Blog and/or company website advertisement, word of mouth, referral, friends, etc..

Should you need more detailed information, just drop me a note and I will gladly help you.


Anonymous said...
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pinaymommy said...

i really wanted to be a virtual assistant. i hope you can send me some info. thanks.

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