The opportunities that I am writing here mostly comes from vacancies that I personally know of, legitimate openings that I found in the internet and some Google Advertisements that I see in this page. As for the Google Ads, may I remind everybody not to click on your own blogs ads. You may view Google ads in other blogs but definitely not your own. You are also prohibited from asking people to click on your ads. Let them notice your ads by placing strategically in your blogs and hopefully, they'd find some Google Ads tempting enough to click and look at.

What I do is copy the url and paste it in another browser. By the way, be very careful. The excuse "I accidentally clicked on my own ads" have been used a million times. Google is smart enough to detect every click and its patterns that its system will automatically ban you.

Anyway, they idea of this post is to encourage you people to ask. You may want to learn about certain income possibilities but haven't asked. Please don not hesitate to ask me via email and I will research on it and post it here.



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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008