How To Become A Big Time Home Based Real Estate Businessman

This is one of the best home based business opportunities and yet, many people ignore it. I have said this before and I am not about to stop. Great wealth comes from real estate and you need not be rich to be able to do it.

Here is an excellent method:
  1. Mortgage your house or any property and use the money buy a house, apartment or office unit. For a sample of the property, look at this Wilmington NC real estate.
  2. Have the property rented and use the money to pay for the bank’s amortization.
  3. Within a few years, you would have cleared a sizable amount of the bank loan and would have gotten a bigger line to be able to buy another piece of property.
  4. After a few years, you probably would be able to buy two or three more properties at the same time.
  5. Repeating the process will make you a millionaire long before you know it.

Participating in a Survey!

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Spam Free Email Address

While ding your latest home based business project, try this one. It's free anyway. It also brings in income.

It also has an affiliate program. Every warm body that applies for a free spam free email account will bring you referral commissions.

Please click on the banner above to avail of the free spam free email account and make money from your referrals.

How do you go about the earning part?
  1. When you join, you will find an affiliate section.
  2. Go to it and get your affiliate link for your mass emails and banners (like mine) for your websites/blogs.
  3. That's it. Just wait for the money to come in. Of course, it will much better if you will actively promote it.

Like what I said, it's free anyway. Just ask your friends and everybody else to avail of it. Everyone can make use of an extra email address.


Relevant, Valuable & Free Downloads That Also Generate Passive Income

In this day and age where quality products are rarely absolutely free, RevResponse provides a very refreshing change. Its website has nothing but hundreds of free subscriptions and downloads covering almost any known interest. Having been surfing the internet for quite some time now, I have realized that in most instances, freebies are either lemons or attached to hard sells. Lemon is another term for an inferior product while a hard sell refers to the annoying persistent sales pitches.

After browsing through RevResponse’s inventory of free materials, I have realized that its products are not lemons. In fact, I have actually purchased or subscribed to some of it in the past. Having recently availed of some of its free downloads and hard copy subscriptions, I am yet to receive a single pestering email from them.

It is in this regard that I very willingly throw an endorsement of it. RevResponse is very timely and nothing short of being very beneficial to everyone who knows how to read and listen to human sounds.

For webmasters and bloggers, RevResponse offers the ultimate affiliate package. It provides widgets that can be customized to fit the interests of the bloggers and webmasters, making it very appealing for their respective audiences. All that the site owner needs to do is install their personalized widgets in their websites and promote the freebies to their readers. After that, RevResponse pays them every time somebody successfully requests for any material.

At present, RevResponse also pays a 20% commission for every blogger or webmaster that signs up to the program. What are you waiting for?

In Continuation (Retiring a Millionaire)

The previous article simply discussed one way of retiring with a cool million bucks, instead of foreclosure. If one is 26 years old now, he needs to save 1,667 a month to be able to generate 20,000 annually. While that may be difficult on the initial years, the increase in earning capacity as time goes by will make a 20k annual savings a lot easier. And since a million bucks will not be as valuable after 40 years, as it is now, it would be wise to throw as much money as possible into savings accounts to be able to end with more money come retirement age.

In some of the next articles, we shall be discussing diversifying assets (savings) in order to safeguard oneself..

Retiring A Millionaire

Do you want to have a packed luggage and retire a millionaire? A article teaches people that from the age of 26, an annual 20,000 savings (in any currency), at an annual interest rate of 10%, will give out a cool 1 million come retirement age. However, what if you are way above 26? The article says that it is still possible. Of course, the amount of annual savings will have to be increased.

Mining your Home (Video) + Ebay Tricks

Never underestimate your own home.


Ebay your way to extra cash

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To start your home based business, try mining your home for that much needed capital. Assessors say that the average house has at least $3,000 worth of items that are being stored and treated as old material.

Mining Your Home

Looking for capital but you are unable to borrow from your bank? Look inside your home and find the money that you need.

Within the day, I will be posting a video about how to make money by mining your own home. Yes, I am not kidding. It has been established that the average home has more than $3,000 worth of unused and “junked” items that can be sold for easy money.

If you have toys, that can actually be a good source of big bucks. A lot of old toys now fetch a good price from collectors. Look at your toys and have it appraised online or by hobby shops.

There's this couple who haven't used an old carpet for more than 20 years. They rolled the carpet and stored it in their basement when they thought that it didn't look fashionable anymore. Just this year, they sent a photo of the carpet to a distributor and had it appraised. The dealer offered them more than $10,000 for it.

You’ll never know.

There's money everywhere.

Even in items that you consider as trash!

New Bluetooth Headset

Prior to the work from home opportunity that I will share to you, my dear home based business opportunities seekers, let me ramble a bit about the use of a good headset. A headset frees up both your hands to enable multitasking, it also prevents your neck from getting strained and it enables you to answer any call from any part of the house. My current favorite is the Plantronics Voyager 520 that allows me to connect two phones to it and has a low noise reduction capability.

My Early Days as a Home Based Worker

One of my first tasks as a home based or Work at home person was to write about religious jewelry. It helped a lot that I have been to a few distant places where the Gemmeinshaft folks are heavily into it. In one place where I’ve been to, they think that these religious objects are amulets that protect them from physical harm such as enemy knives and even bullets. WHOA, what a topic to tackle! Do you agree with me?

What WAHM Taught Me

Working at home opened my eyes to certain things that I used to take for granted. Take for example my TV wall mount, I used to buy the cheap ones after getting badly mauled by the price of my new television set. However, numerous SEO articles on the subject matter made me acquire a sturdy and very reliable set. These cheap ones can collapse make you say bye bye to your expensive TV.

Linkbucks: An Easy Way to Make Money

Here's a tip for you my dear home based business operators.

I've looked at this before but joined only recently. The money is big for high traffic websites and people who regularly sends emails with out going links to a lot of people. For the others, this may not be big. However, money is money and doing this only takes a few minutes (and almost effortless). This is like a passive income generator.

I have thought of good ways to maximize the revenue from this program but that will be the topic of a new post. I will write it later or tomorrow.

They pay through PayPal or ePasaporte.

1. Internet Users: Use linkbucks to modify links that you will send to your friends and make money every time any of those links are clicked.
  • Links to website that you send in personal and business emails.
  • Another way would be to create Squidoo lenses or Hubpages
Simply use Linkbucks in modifying your links. Every time those links are clicked, you make money.

2. Blog, website and Forum owners: Simply ad code into your site and every time a link is clicked, you make money.

3. Referrals: Once you join, you will be given a referral link. use the referral link in bringing members and you will get a commission based on your referrals earnings.

Why will you get paid?
  • Those links will open advertisments together with the url that you specified. The advertisers pay Linkbucks and Linkbucks pays you.
  • The advertisments can be through pop ups or top pages (your choice).
  • The payment for pop up ads is higher than top page ads.

Ordering in Bulk

Selling pet supplements is also a good idea. In this day and age, people are so attached to their pets that they go all out to spend for the comfort and health of their animal friends. A home based entrepreneur can make money by consolidating the orders of the pet owners in his neighborhood and negotiating for a huge discount with the supplements company. The work from home entrepreneur may then deliver the goods to the customers in his neighborhood or just have the clients pick it up from his home. Pet owners will appreciate the easy access to the supplements as well as the discount and the work at home businessperson will also make comfortable margins.

Organizing Local Wine Clubs

Having grown up during the Tupperware years, I have been many an escort to the Tupperware parties attended by my mom. I heard that a lot of housewives made a killing organizing those Tupperware parties and that gives me an idea for a new variant of such business model. How about reading a lot of information about wine, organizing a wine club and coming out with a wine of the month program? With people’s natural tendency to find ways to spend their vacant times and their love for alcohol, I am almost sure that the small party fees and wine sales will be good enough for the work at home events and club organizer.

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