Cellphone business from home

Buying and selling unlocked cell phones from is perhaps a good business idea for the home worker. All that one has to do is find a supplier, put up an e-commerce website and spend time marketing it. Whenever orders come in, all that the home worker needs to do is have the products shipped through the reliable couriers. With people using the internet to search and but stuff, all it takes is an honest business person and enough SEO efforts to be able to succeed.

Vacationing Home Worker

Next year will be my third as a home based businessperson. Income stream has stabilized and I am planning my first out of the country trip. St. Martin villa rentals is one of the things that I am looking at. The island of St. Martin is one of the better vacation destinations in the world and it would be a fitting place for hardworking home based entrepreneurs like us. Work at home and vacation at St. Martin. You deserve it, you can afford it. Like Moi’.

Work at Home But Get Insured

Home based business individuals should be able to access group health insurance policies in order to get the health care benefits that office based workers are able t o avail of. Just because these people are telecommuting does not mean that they are not working. Work from Home is no different from office people and the only difference is that the home worker can work in his/her pajamas. Contact your local health care providers and work out a package. With lesser risks due to lesser exposure to roads and other hazards, the premium rates should be substantially lower.

Screening Employees of Home based businesses

One of the problems associated with home based business networks is employment screening. People who puts up a home based business like a team of home based virtual assistants for instance, will need to make sure that the people that they will hire will be reliable and will be in front of their pc’s whenever needed by the clients. Otherwise, the business might never take off.

Online and Home Based Real Estate Business

Selling commercial real estate online is another thing that I would like to get myself into. I intend to put up a site that will feature all my real estate products and simply follow up on the people who sends related inquiries. I know somebody who’s exactly into this business and judging from the way he lives, he must be doing well.

More stories

Working at home gives me time to fix or replace my kitchen sinks, roof gutters, faucets and many other things in the house. Rather than go through the trouble of paying for the services of possible scammers who will only create more trouble and bore deeper holes into my pocket. Not only that, personally taking care of these household matters makes me feel good about myself.

Work at Home Story

After working on my laptop, I went out and shopped for some discount furniture that I needed in my TV room. Working at home made me realize that I actually now have time to stretch a bit and enjoy a good movie a few times a week. Isn’t it good? When I was still employed and working in an office, I was only able to do it during weekends but now… Whoa!

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