Being a Techie

A friend left her HD7 phone at home, so she arrived late for our date. We were supposed to meet for lunch, just to break the monotony of our homebased work lives. Of course, I understood that she had to go back home to get her phone. I would have done the same.

Working at home has made me so much dependent on my gadgets that I can’t leave my house without my smart phone, just in case someone might send an inquiry via email or a customer is having trouble with an order. I am just happy I am able afford all these gadgets to help me with my business.

Home Based Businesses Getting MOre Followers

The writer in the column (below) say's it best..
"I've always had a passion for food. The more I think about it, I go back, and all my memories are tied around food," says Karin Allen, owner of "Mom's Frozen Assets, L.L.C." a home-based business. Allen let me chat with her at the Grand Junction Business Incubator's commercial kitchen, where she is renting space. The incubator's kitchen is available for rent to any entrepreneur. Allen had the courage to go big. "Family meals from when I was 4, I can remember what we had for dinner," she says as she works on her first commercial batch of 128 waffles, including waffle sandwiches... [Read More]

Nice Shoes

A client's kid loves attracting attention. One time the client visited me, his kid all black, from his cap, to his shirt down to his pants. However, to make him stand out, he wore a colorful pair of shoes: grey, lime and blue. I mentioned that his shoes are way to colorful for his outfit, he snapped at me saying he got the supra shoes at He thought I was making fun of his shoes. I'm not fashionable so I had no idea what they were.

What I really failed to mention is that I like his shoes.

Enemies at the Gate?

Since I'm always at home, I get a lot of people coming here for whatever reason. Some ask for alms, others are looking to sell whatever stuff they have. I get really paranoid and annoyed at times. 

 Once, there was a man and a woman who kept banging the gate. I was trying to ignore them but a neighbor may have tipped them that I was in the house. I had to go out of the house to face these people. They told me they sell personalized bibles and they wanted me to look at them. Since they were selling a real product and not just asking for money, I relented. It's better to help people this way.

Renting A New Home

I am thinking of renting a small room or a studio near my place of work so I can give more time to my home based business. I spend a lot of money taking a cab to and from work everyday and it's not safe to travel at night. I have found a studio near the office. Since it's small, I'm thinking of using a daybed as it is versatile. I found something from that would have been perfect for my studio but I can't seem to find anything similar here. I can't bring my bed at home to the studio as it's big and would just occupy half of the studio.

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