Selling to Preggy women

One good way of working from home is selling specialized items like prenatal vitamins online. Pregnant women are in need of supplements in order to fortify their body for the days ahead as well as to keep the unborn child healthy. What one needs to do is put up a website and market it online. They may also contact docs specializing in OB GYNE and ask them to refer the site to expectant moms.

A Good Home Based Biz Example 2

By the way, she also carries a brand of colon cleanser that works and makes a lot of money from it.

In regard to offline marketing strategies, my friend has a stack of name cards that she carries with her all the time. The name card has her website and products in it and she gives it to potential clients that she spots while doing the groceries or restaurants. Nice, Eh!

A Good Home Based Biz Example

I have a friend who likes selling diet supplements in her past time. She does it through both online and offline advertising and she seems to be doing very well at it. Online advertising is through her website which she optimizes for SEO. She does linking with other sites and also posts ads in ebay and different web boards, all linking back to her site.

Specialty Contractor

I know of a neighbor who makes a living installing glass mosaic tile and engineered wood to high rise projects. General contractors in my area all specialize in structural works but lacks specialized workers for the finishing stages. They therefore outsource those parts to people like my neighbor and the job gets done without any customer complaints. If what they need is something that my neighbor can’t successfully complete, they look for somebody who can and outsources it to them.

The fabled neck tie

The search for the most appropriate ways of tying the tie, whether they are skinny ties or the wide ones lead to websites that teaches ways how to do the “Four in Hand”, “Windsor”, the “Double Windsor” and other styles of knotting the fabled neck tie. It is quite fascinating to realize that nothing much or even absolutely nothing has changed with the ties. My dad’s ties will still be in fashion today and I can wear it without people noticing that it’s old.

Outsourcing Apparel

Does it surprise you to find that Hats, shirts, colognes and other items are actually outsourced by brand name companies to factories in other countries? With the low production costs in those countries, it will be quite foolish for manufacturers to keep on producing onshore, at high cost, items that can be done with the same quality. Of course, there are items that cannot be outsourced. What are those items? Give me your company description and I will tell you.

Phone Rewards

I just found out that my mobile phone service provider gives gifts to subscribers based on their accumulated consumption. The gifts are not worth that much but it’s cute and quite useful. For instance, I am now eligible to avail of a memory storage hardware that only needs to be plugged to my laptop’s usb drives. I now use it mainly as the storage of my laptop. In the event that something goes wrong with my machine, I can easily send it to a repairman or format it myself without fear of data loss. Cool, eh!

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