There are plenty of web sites being launched every day and most often, site owners do not have the time to write web content. Because of that, the demand for writers is growing very rapidly. In some parts of the world, there are so many people who have some schooling and can write simple articles (it's all that's needed). Their problem is that there are not enough jobs for everyone.

With the internet, the unemployed and underemployed can easily find those looking for writers and agree on terms of employment. Hence, people can make lots of money online (working home based). Yours truly, for instance, have been asked to write by web developers who do not have time to write web content.

Here are some sites where you can get home based (I also call it coffee shop) writing opportunities: oDesk, Sponsored Reviews, Write4Pesos (Euros), Payperpost, Military, Programmers meet Designers, etc.

For people with college degrees and can write well, they can visit web sites like academia-research, Edu Writers and other sites and get paid well ($11~$40/page) of essays, term papers, researches by graduate students and companies in need of their services.

Just browse the net and trust me, there are so many other sites where you can find simple writing jobs. The pay can start from $2 ~ $75 article. Bloggers, can make as much as $400 per 300 word post. Now, that's making real money online.

This leads me to encourage everybody to create their own blogs. Blogs serve as a good training tool for people who wants to write. It used to take mo so long to write a 300 word article. Now, I hardly need to take a break before finishing one. I also noticed that the quality of my writing has greatly improved. If you think I write lousily, you should see my articles a year ago.

Good luck. Let's all make money online!


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