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I checked my oDesk referrals and realized that a good number of people signed up using my referral code. However, not that many are getting work. Here are some tips on how to make money from oDesk:

After logging into your account, go to the top right portion of the screen and you will see your name. Immediately below your name, you will find two data fields (one with a drop down field) and a yellow button with the word "go" in it.

  1. In the first field, choose jobs
  2. In the second field, write the job you are looking for (I typed "data entry" in the sample photo below).
  3. Click on the "go" button.
  4. You will be led to all the job listing appropriate for your chosen keyword.
  5. Click the job vacancy that you are interested in and apply
  6. Repeat the process and change the keyword that you will enter, depending on the job that you are looking for.
For those yet to get into oDesk, please click on the oDesk banner (above and fill up your registration form).

You may email me your questions (bpo . asia @ gmail . com).

Good luck!

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Michael said...

good day! i was curious about this kind of job. can you please tell me what should i do to be part of this system and how can i earn extra money for this.

BPO.Asia said...

Hi Michael,

First join by clicking on the odesk banner in the article. There will be fee to be charged at any time.

Second, follow the instructions in the article.


Anonymous said...

How long does it usually take for oDesk to make your funds available? Say you work on hourly rate..
I can only see Pending Credit on my Work Activity page. It's been 2 weeks already. What I wanted to know is if my client has already paid for the services rendered cos he has his payment method verified already. I have recently finished my 2nd project with him and he's offering to give me another one.
My question is: Who's slow to process the provider payment in this case? Is it the buyer or oDesk?
Thanks in advance.

BPO.Asia said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your question. Let me look back at odesk and post my reply. I do not want to quote from experience since there might be instances where it is not applicable.

I will get back to you regarding this later.

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