Passion for music

The most musically inclined person in the family is my brother. His guitar is an epiphone 339, and he also has a piano and a set of drums. Despite that, taking a musical course or making a career out of it never crossed his mind. Bands would often invite him to join and he is always asked to perform with them whenever a member is unavailable. Perhaps, music is his love but not a career option.

Really Needed

I need a new laptop. This one I'm using for my business is almost 10 years old and is having trouble using newer applications. My problem is the laptops that are commercially available do not fit my needs. I am looking for custom laptops. I saw somewhere that there are a few specialty stores online that custom laptops or laptops that can be customized to a customer's needs.

I have to do my research before I decide. I need something that would help me with my business and I need it ASAP.

A Tip

A client of mine was so happy with my performance that she sent me a set of Highland Lavender soaps and container candle. She bought them Waterworks Online Store and had them sent here. I like anything lavender. The scent reminds me of my college days when I was still living at the college dorm for freshmen students. I had this set of soaps in lavender scent that I always used and I would put my soap case under my bed. The scent of the soap would fill my room and it was very relaxing.

I remember now, it was the Old English Lavender Soap by Yardley.

Only the best for the baby

When my mother lived in the US, she sent my sister glenna jean baby bedding. My sister was pregnant with her baby girl then. The bedding set was pink, very nice. When my niece was born, the bedding set was well used. Whenever my sister would take pictures, she made sure her baby was in her crib that had the pink bedding set. Her pictures looked really nice because she was surrounded by everything pink and girly.

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