According to its blog, PayPerPlay was able to sign too many blogs that despite the millions of audio advertisements that it has in its inventory, they will be unable to distribute it to everyone all the time. They estimate that if they put a cap to their network of blogs down to 220 million (Wow!), they will be able to serve advertisements to everyone.

Therefore, to be able to optimize the earnings of its bloggers, PayPerPlay will temporarily stop accepting new blogs in its fold by February 15.

Beat the deadline by enlisting---- NOW!

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2) Embed the codes into your website. Every time somebody visits your site, an audio ad will run for a few seconds and you get paid. It's so easy.<--DON'T FORGET TO EMBED THE CODES. The company's blog announced that it will take a month before all the blogs will have running ads, so please be patient. for the meantime, start embedding the codes, write good content and drive people into your sites.

Let's all make money online!


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008