Mining Your Home

Looking for capital but you are unable to borrow from your bank? Look inside your home and find the money that you need.

Within the day, I will be posting a video about how to make money by mining your own home. Yes, I am not kidding. It has been established that the average home has more than $3,000 worth of unused and “junked” items that can be sold for easy money.

If you have toys, that can actually be a good source of big bucks. A lot of old toys now fetch a good price from collectors. Look at your toys and have it appraised online or by hobby shops.

There's this couple who haven't used an old carpet for more than 20 years. They rolled the carpet and stored it in their basement when they thought that it didn't look fashionable anymore. Just this year, they sent a photo of the carpet to a distributor and had it appraised. The dealer offered them more than $10,000 for it.

You’ll never know.

There's money everywhere.

Even in items that you consider as trash!


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008