How To Become A Big Time Home Based Real Estate Businessman

This is one of the best home based business opportunities and yet, many people ignore it. I have said this before and I am not about to stop. Great wealth comes from real estate and you need not be rich to be able to do it.

Here is an excellent method:
  1. Mortgage your house or any property and use the money buy a house, apartment or office unit. For a sample of the property, look at this Wilmington NC real estate.
  2. Have the property rented and use the money to pay for the bank’s amortization.
  3. Within a few years, you would have cleared a sizable amount of the bank loan and would have gotten a bigger line to be able to buy another piece of property.
  4. After a few years, you probably would be able to buy two or three more properties at the same time.
  5. Repeating the process will make you a millionaire long before you know it.


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