Linkbucks: An Easy Way to Make Money

Here's a tip for you my dear home based business operators.

I've looked at this before but joined only recently. The money is big for high traffic websites and people who regularly sends emails with out going links to a lot of people. For the others, this may not be big. However, money is money and doing this only takes a few minutes (and almost effortless). This is like a passive income generator.

I have thought of good ways to maximize the revenue from this program but that will be the topic of a new post. I will write it later or tomorrow.

They pay through PayPal or ePasaporte.

1. Internet Users: Use linkbucks to modify links that you will send to your friends and make money every time any of those links are clicked.
  • Links to website that you send in personal and business emails.
  • Another way would be to create Squidoo lenses or Hubpages
Simply use Linkbucks in modifying your links. Every time those links are clicked, you make money.

2. Blog, website and Forum owners: Simply ad code into your site and every time a link is clicked, you make money.

3. Referrals: Once you join, you will be given a referral link. use the referral link in bringing members and you will get a commission based on your referrals earnings.

Why will you get paid?
  • Those links will open advertisments together with the url that you specified. The advertisers pay Linkbucks and Linkbucks pays you.
  • The advertisments can be through pop ups or top pages (your choice).
  • The payment for pop up ads is higher than top page ads.


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