BLOGGERWAVE: Won't recommend this.. at least, NOT YET!

Before I enlisted with Bloggerwave, I've read a number of bloggers complaining about the site's delinquency. After that, Bloggerwave posted an announcement apologizing for the delays in payments which they blame in some back room errors and start up/ growing pains.

I even posted a copy of that statement in this site.

About a month after, I enlisted with the program and did one paid post (July 2007). Until now, I am YET TO GET PAID.

At this point, they have reformatted the site's layout and I am unable to login to my account. Whenever I click on the "FORGET PASSWORD?" link, the site simply loads back the login page.

There may still be some growing pains being experienced by the company but they have to do something about it ---really fast! The very least that they can do is to reply to our complaints. At this point, my impression is that the site is in such a big mess.

At this point, I would say that Bloggerwave is an example of a business model that entrepreneurs should not emulate.

Until, they have responded to my complaint (sent through the site) or acted on my unpaid post, this article will remain here.


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