Trying out Blogitive and I am NOT very Happy!

Apologies for the long absence. I have been busy trying out new ways to make legitimate home based income. So far, I have been successful. My income from blogging is already equivalent to a decent professionals salary and it continues to grow as I get more efficient in managing my time.

At this point, I am trying Blogitive and was able to get my blogs approved. By the way, I am yet to really monetize this site. Blogitive is a program that pays bloggers US$5.00 to write a 100 words editorial review of an advertiser's press release. In addition, a link to the advertiser's website is embedded in the article through a keyword.

One setback with this program (which I have not encountered with the good sites) is their slow response rate to technical problems.

I posted a review that refused to be accepted by the site due to an alleged absence of a required link. I triple checked my article and crossed checked it with other blogs that did the same campaign and found my post satisfactory. I wrote the site administrators to report the problem and an automatic reply system promised immediate resolution to my problem. At this point, my opportunity for that post expired and I am yet to hear from the site. The campaign has now "Expired" and there's a red mark on my account. If there was something wrong with my post, they should be good enough like Payperpost to tell you what the problem with your post was.

Prior to that, it took Blogitive several days to review and approve my site. I found that forgivable considering that they have just reformatted their site. What I find a little odd is that until now, they are offering incentives to bloggers can refer other blogs to enlist with them but it took several days before I found a posting opportunity in my account.



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