It just occurred to me that people are probably wondering where I get the tips posted on this blog. For now, I will write as I think and simply update this article from time to time. Here are some:

1) WEB BROWSING: I normally search Google and Yahoo. Eventually, I intend to use more of the other search engines when I am able to verify their usefulness. At this point, Google is the most dominant search engine and most websites are scrambling to get into the the top spot for a variety of keywords.

2) OTHER BLOGS: There are a lot of other blogs that teaches us where to find new opportunities. What I do is check the tips and try it out for verifications sake. Initially, I intended to write reviews of the various home based business opportunities but I backtracked a little bit. There are a lot of positive things to write about so I will try to write about the programs that I believe will give the readers the best yield.

3) GOOGLE ADS: I cannot click on my own Google links because that is a violation of the ADSENSE terms and will get my banned. However, I can copy the links in those ads and paste it in another browser. Believe me, I've found good opportunities from the advertisers in this site. I also check the Adsense ads of other sites. In the same manner, some authors of other blogs click on my Adsense advertisements in search for the latest online money making tips.

Let me point out that not all advertisers provide good opportunities. Let me rephrase that, not all advertisements are suitable for everybody. Some advertisements will work well for some people but fail the others. It is a good thing that Google's Adsense advertisements change every time a page reloads so rest assured that there is fresh content all the time. Geesh, I never thought that I will like clicking on those ads. I found them annoying during my early Internet days.


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