CAVEAT EMPTOR: Let the buyer beware

This is one money making scheme that you should never even think of joining. In brief, this type of scheme comes in many names and variants. However, the overall system remains largely the same.

An unsuspecting/ gullible person will be offered to invest or buy a membership into a certain organization. In return, he/she will be given a percentage of the investment/membership dues from the people that he/she will bring into the system. The ugly thing about this kind of money making scheme is that the investors/members makes money from the membership fees/investments of their recruits.

Some variants will have them selling products but the commission that they make from the sale is not at all attractive compared to recruiting new members or investors.

Another variant is offering huge returns to short term monetary investments. People, beware!!! You will probably never see your money back.

A sad fact is, a lot of people are victimized because they are recruited into the scheme by people that they know. A relative or friend may come and give juicy testimonials that the system works. Some of them may even have made some money using the scheme. The problem is, when the said money making scheme has become too large, the operators will suddenly disappear, leaving the investors to face the wrath of their recruits.

This scheme has victimized people from all walks of life. I have read about doctors, generals, successful career professionals, businessmen and others who have fallen prey.

In the internet, a lot of this things have reportedly surfaced, closed and resurfaced. Don't be victimized.


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