Outsourced Tasks Website


This website has a compilation of tasks that needs to be outsourced. Opportunities that I have seen ranges from the simple "Room Cleaning" to the carpentry jobs, wedding organizers and wine license "expiditors"- whatever it means.

The site has a very short FAQ list. Let us post it here:


1. What is DoMyStuff.com?
DoMyStuff.com is an online community where busy people can quickly find Assistants to complete their chores.

2. What Can I Get Done?
You can find someone to do ANYTHING on DoMyStuff.com. Picking up drycleaning, mowing your lawn, and cooking your dinner are examples of chores you can post.

3. Who Will Do My Stuff?
DoMyStuff.com's Assistants are individuals and businesses located near you who compete to run your errands.

For additional information, please check http://www.domystuff.com/main.php?cmd=features


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