Good news for people living in countries that are are not accredited by Paypal to recieve payments. This program pays the participants via check.

AdVolcano allows website/blog owners to publish advertisements on their site.

Unlike Adsense, ADVolcano allows the publisher (you) to set the prices of every ad that appears the site and get paid 75% of it. Of course, the site needs to make money so it will retain 25% to cover its operational, marketing and, other expenses.

In AdVolcano, publishers need not pray for readers to click on the ads for them to make money. AdVolcano uses the Cost Per Term (CPT) system that pays you a pre agreed rate for a specific time (1 week, 1 month, 3 months) that an ad appears in your blog.

You also get to choose where and in what format (in your blog) the ads will appear.


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