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I encourage everyone to blog, regardless of what you specialize in. I have posts explaining why.

For Work From Home Jobs and Home based business opportunities, please check our categories and/or use the search function and type your search word/s.

CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE (regularly updated):
A) Paid Writing assignments
B) Programs that allow you to blog about anything and get paid handsomely for it.

Please scroll down and JOIN ALL of these programs. The money, when combined, can be very very good!

A) Paid Writing assignments

  1. Linkworth: Pays well. Especially for older blogs. Enlist here and wait for the offers to come as your site gets older. It has sponsored reviews and advertisement programs.
  2. PayPerPost: You write a short post and they will pay. It will pay you $20 on your first post and provide you offers that can go as high as $350 for every succeeding post.
  3. Smorty: A program that is very similar to PPP.
  4. Sponsored Reviews: Pays you to write review of websites.
  5. LinkWorth: Pays you for reviews, ads, etc..
  6. Directory Maximizer: Draw huge readership by having your blog/website submitted to all the major websites.

B) Just blog about anything and get paid handsomely for it (Click on the links and banners and join).

Sign up and they will match your site to advertisers who will pay you for ads in your site.


freshsoda said...

hi there!
how can i join these companies?
i dont know where to start? can you help me? i specialize in health care.

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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008