Work From Home: Take Photographs & Make Money From It

Here is today’s work at home idea for the home based based business minded individuals.

With the digital age coming into this world at full throttle, good digital cameras have become very affordable. Despite that, the need for photos for a variety of applications has not gone down and in fact, more and more people are paying for it. Like me for instance, I needed a beautiful photo of New York’s skyline but the hundreds in my collection seemed to be inappropriate for my intended purpose (website header). For that reason, I surfed the net and bought one at iStockphoto.

If you have a digital camera with you, take a photo of almost anything that catches your fancy. A harmless piece of banana lying in your table can be photographed and come out great. Just keep on clicking on anything and you’ll have plenty in your collection. After that, you may put a watermark in it and display it in your own website. Price it cheaply and send the photograph (sans the watermark) to those who will pay you for it. As soon as you have accumulated enough photos in your stock, sales should go up and become a stable source of additional income while you are working from home. Once you have become a good photographer, you may start pricing your photos at the higher end. Learning photo editing will also enable you to give your creations different spins giving it a higher value. marketing the photos can be done through exhibits and online marketing.

One good thing about this is that if you will not sell exclusive rights to your photos, the same product can be sold repeatedly until the end of time.

Another option is for you to sell your photos through the popular sites like:
  1. US Photo Stock
  2. I Stock Photo
  3. Web Shots
Work from Home. It's worth it. Go Home based!

Note: Mastering photography and photo editing can be learned through the internet. There are tons of resources out there. Just learn how to use Google.


Black_Mamba said...

Great tips you have here......

The chocolates looks abolutely divine too. I'm not sure if it's the cocoa or the photo ;)

Home Based said...

Thanks, Ivy!

One fan of your here.

Andrea said...

Your site has been very helpful on giving me ideas about home based work. Thanks :) and keep up the posts.

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