This girl is listed by Payperpost as one of its top moneymakers. I know that for a fact because I saw her blog in the list and that's when I started to check on it from-time-to-time. When I first joined the program, she was making about $200/day from payperpost alone.

Now, it turns out that she has included other reliable programs in her income sources. This is referral is quite important because it is a reliable testimony to the programs that provides blogging income and actually pays.

She makes money from:
  1. Payperpost
  2. Payu2blog
  3. Smorty
  4. Textlinkads
  5. Linkworth
Please check her post (CLICK HERE).


fionski said...

How about those who do webcam shows for cellphone load? That's still a home biz. Joke!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will check out the opportunities you have listed here in your blog.

Home based jobs/ business said...

Fionski, If it's you, i'll pay top dollar per show. :D

black_mamba said...

Nice to know you can actually make money online. I only have adsense and heaven knows how much that can recompense ;P

Philippine Updates said...
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