This is the latest addition to my source of online income. Blogging Ads work by getting blogs to publish company advertisements. They prepare a few blog posts and let the bloggers determine which ones they like to publish. If the bloggers want to write the ads themselves, Blogging Ads finds nothing wrong with it.

Check out the sponsored posts last week in this blog and notice that the tags say "Blogging Ads". At this point, I have been paid for some of the posts that I did for them but there are paid posts that I cannot find in my account. I will be checking the site within this week and should there be tweaks that needs to be done in order to successfully get paid, I will also be writing about it.

At this point, I have very little reason to get sad and a few dollars more in my wallet to keep me cheerful.

By the way, I have just started monetizing this blog a few weeks ago and most of my online income comes from my other blogs. Check out my old posts and there are enough online job opportunities that can make your life financially better from the comforts of your home.

I think, I should also refer to this blog as a listing of home based, work at home business opportunities or a make money online site. What do you think?

By the way, they pay weekly via Paypal.


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008