This is from somebody who easily earns six figures (US$) per year from blogging. For a newbie in this thing, the list may be overwhelming. I would recommend that you look at the recommendations and initially focus on the easiest things to do. After that, you may gradually work on the rest of the list. Here it goes... recommends the following (Please read the detailed article here):

Get Your Own House In Order

1. Write well, write consistently, don’t give up.
2. Become an expert on something.
3. Design is more important than you think
4. Get Your SEO On.
5. Publish full feeds.
6. Do interviews with other bloggers.
7. Break important stories.
8. Have a contest: Or, have regular contests, which encourage participation and buzz in your corner of the blogosphere.
9. Publish original research.
10. Put out Press Releases.
11. Work your long tail.
12. Answer your comments, in your comments, and off blog.
13. Spend time to create links and trackbacks.
14. Get Your MyBlogLog widget and work it, work it, work it (in a nice way).

Getting the Word Out

1. Join a blog carnival.
2. Join blog network.
3. Participate in forums.
4. Participate on larger blogs in comments.
5. Join Blogburst.
6. Participate in Darren’s contests.
7. Submit to blog directories.
8. Submit to Google sitemaps.
9. Submit to article directories.
10. Get interviewed.
11. Get listed on a news aggregator, or blog aggregator: Like Techmeme for technews, or Tailrank for blogging news.
12. Create free stuff for yourself and give it away: Like ebooks, digests of your favourite posts, pdfs, and so on. Make sure to include a link back in the document, back to your site.
13. Create free stuff for other people: the same, let them distribute it, get a link back.
14. Pay for pub.

Connect, Connect, Connect

1. Make friends with other bloggers.
2. Guest blog.
3. Volunteer, intern, scut-monkey your way into a blogger’s graces.
4. Get hired.
5. Network in person.
6. Join virtual groups.
7. Cross promote.

Make Social Media Work For You

1. Facebook.
2. Join Helium
3. Yahoo Answers!
4. Create a Squidoo Page Lens.
5. Use MySpace Marketing
6. Get Dugg / Netscaped / Reddited / Stumbled upon.


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